Apartment Gardening for Beginners

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Residents of big cities dream of their own garden or courtyard. But if you do not have a private plot in the countryside, then you can make a garden in the apartment. It is real and simple, it is important to understand if you can take care of your plants, flowers, and trees. So, lets talk about apartment gardening for beginners is very popular and the type of plant is not important. If you have enough free space, good lighting, warmth and half an hour of free time, then you can grow any flower or tree.

I grow parsley, green onions, garlic, basil, and other herbs for cooking. Others love citrus trees or dream of growing avocados.

Any ideas can be realized if you carefully study the preferences of a plant or flower.


Main Tools for Growing Plants in an Apartment

Simple apartment gardening will not be difficult and costly, because you can take tools from the available tools or buy special equipment.

These are not only pots and seedlings, so you need to prepare for the plant to appear in your home.

Indoor Gardening

If you have limited space, then you can take the most necessary things.

But for correct gardening, even at home, you need:

  • Special primer;
  • Drainage material;
  • Scissors to pick up dried leaves;
  • Sprayer (small spray bottle);
  • Small spatula (loosen the soil);
  • UV lamps (for some plants).

I would also recommend purchasing pots with a self-irrigation system or buying special flasks.

Appartment Garden Strowberry

You need to collect water and turn it over, stick it into the soil with the plant and its roots will receive moisture when needed.

Indoors Gardening For Beginners

I bought a separate rack and grow herbs for the kitchen there and the bottom row is occupied by my favorite cacti.

I can’t grow trees or large flowers because I have a small apartment.

But if your space is larger or there is a free room, then you can make a winter garden and grow not only flowers but also mini fruit trees.


What to Grow in Apartment Garden?

You can grow:

  • Herbs for kitchen;
  • Strawberries;
  • Mushrooms;
  • Various plants and flowers.

Determine the space you want to give to the plants because some of them require more space.

There are even mini versions of fruit trees for your flat gardening or you may want to grow cucumbers and tomatoes.

I tried to grow pineapple from the shoot, but then I gave it to my sister because it was cramped on the window.

Appartment Gardening For You

Now my hobbies are basil and green onions, but there are also certain inconvenience here – my frequent departures.

But I advise you to try growing whatever you want. Even exotic orchids will be a wonderful decorative element.

Growing Button Mushrooms

Any plant or seedling will create more comfort at home. If plants and flowers are not your hobby and you are a more practical person, then you can grow bell peppers, spinach, radishes and more.


How to Care for Small Apartment Garden?

There are many points here that apply to any flower, plant and crop type.

This is the optimal air temperature, no drafts, proper lighting, regular feeding and watering.

Simple indoor gardening will not give you any problems if you correctly define your options. Frequent trips like mine do not allow me to water my garden regularly so I can’t grow flowers.

Appartment Gardening for Small Space

Definitely, you need to understand whether you can grow a plant when it gets bigger. If you are planning on having fresh arugula or oregano, then implement these ideas. Start with small plants and then you will see how much you can expand your green space.


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