How to Hang a Heavy Mirror

How To Hang Heavy Mirror 940x788

Be honest, my dear friends- mirror is an integral part of the interior of an apartment. It plays not only a practical function, because every person wants to evaluate appearance before going out. The mirror brings aesthetic pleasure and visually expands the space.

How To Hang Mirror

I think you will have no problem hanging small mirrors, but with large ones, it’s more difficult. If you need to hang a heavy mirror, here are some tips from me on how to do it.


Tools that You Need

Regardless of how heavy your mirror is and what kind of wall you will hang it on, I recommend that you prepare in advance some tools that you will definitely need:

  • wood screws;
  • drill + chisel;
  • table saw;
  • level;
  • pencil;
  • measuring tape;
  • hand saw;
  • you may also need a board of 1.5×15 cm.

That You Need To Hang Mirror


How to Hang a Heavy Mirror On Different Walls

There are a lot of different ways that you can securely hang a mirror.

Hang Mirror Plaster Wall

Choose the method depending on its size and type of wall. To begin with, I will list the main five ways of fastening:

  • Drill a hole in the mirror. Using special fasteners with plastic expansion joints to prevent cracks, fix the mirror to the wall;
  • Fix special holders on the wall;
  • Install a decorative profile for the lower edge of the mirror on the wall. Secure the top edge in any suitable way;
  • Stick to the surface with a special glue or adhesive sealant;
  • Mounting the mirror to the wall without drilling is possible with special double-sided tape. I recommend you choose this method when hanging on a plasterboard wall, partitions made of foam blocks, and other materials with a low bearing capacity. This method will come in handy and if you do not want to spoil the tiles, furniture door, etc. But keep in mind that double-sided tape will not hold a mirror that is too heavy. If it’s over 15-20 kg, you should choose the hole drilling.


Easy Steps to Hang Mirror on Brick Wall

In fact, brick walls are strong and reliable, so they can withstand even if you want to hang the heaviest mirror. To securely fix the mirror to the wall, choose the correct mounting method.

How Hang Mirrow On Brick Wall

The most durable option involves drilling a wall. Therefore, if you don’t have a puncher, you will not be able to hang the mirror.After marking the surface we make a hole for a dowel. Note that the holes in the wall should line up with the mounting holes on the mirror itself. Don’t forget to fix rubber pads between the wall and the wirror.


How to Hang a Mirror on Plaster

So, what about hanging mirror on gypsum plasterboard, please note that the material is not particularly strong. It cannot withstand heavy loads, so the weight of the mirror should not exceed 20 kg. Otherwise, there is a great risk of seriously damaging the wall.

Hanging Mirror On Plaster

You can drill holes in a plasterboard with a drill easily. Mount the anchor into the hole made. After threading the screw into the anchor, it will securely fit in the wall and become a good support for the mirror.

Ways To Hang Mirror

If you are hanging a mirror on plaster without a stud, it is best to use a hollow wall anchor, such as a lever bolt. Select the length of the anchor depending on the weight of the mirror. It is important that the bolt extends slightly outside the wall and expands behind it.

Hanging Heavy Mirror

Finally, my dear readers, believe hanging a mirror on the wall is not a very hard task, so you don’t need to call the master. Taking advantage of my simple advice you can independently hang different mirrors on any wall.



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