Chic Fireplace Decorating Ideas

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Awesome fireplace is a focal point of your living space. It is a pleasure to sit in the arm-chair next to it on cold winter evenings and listen to the cracking of the fire. Or your fireplace is not a working piece but just constructed with a decorative purpose. I have compiled the set of the best fireplace decorating ideas to give you some inspiration.

Simple Christmas Decor for Fireplace

Even the slightest trifles can change the view entirely.

So you can try some of these tips for your simple and rewarding DIY project.


1. Give It a Classic Look

You can just keep it stylish with a beautiful mirror hung over the mantel.

Fireplace Mantel and Mirror

It is especially desirable when fireplace has beautiful decorative elements on its surface.

Mirror Fireplace Decorating Ideas

For example, they may be blue and white tiles or gorgeous wood-carved moldings.


2. Make It Wild

Place the potted plants onto the mantel.

Modern Decor for Fireplace

You can create a nice succulent or cacti display.

House Plants Fireplace Decor

House plants cannot be overwhelming and you can place them in the configuration which looks great and is more suitable for watering and taking care of.


3. Candles Are a Perfect Decoration

If your piece is non-working, one of the most interesting fireplace decoration ideas is placing candles into it.

Candles in Fireplace Decor

You can even light them up sometimes to make the entire interior look charming and festive. The clusters of candles can also add a lot to the mantel.

Fireplace Decorating Candles

Make a unique and uniform design which looks perfect in any type of home.


4. Store Your Books There

This solution is both attractive and practical. You sometimes do not know where to keep your favourite books.

Books Decorating Ideas

It is so easy – place them on the mantel. You may pile them up or keep them upright. Looking at the books will inspire you for new ideas and maybe one day you will try to implement them too.


5. Make It Useful for Every Day

The mantel of fireplace can become a convenient shelf for some stylish mini items you use every day, such as cosmetics, jewelry, or perfume.

How to Decorate Your Fireplace

Your favourite cup and a small notebook can be placed here as well.

Classic Fireplace Decor Ideas

Make your display artful and well-organized. It should always look more decorative than you may imagine but never let it feel junky.


6. Arrange a Garland

Placing a beautiful garland over or around your item is one of the most romantic decor ideas for fireplace.

Fireplace Christmas Decorating

The garland can even be located asymmetrically which looks more modern and interesting.

Fireplace Romantic Decorating

You can add some festive things to it, like candles or ribbons, to celebrate your holidays.

Christmas Garland for Fireplace


7. Decorative Objects Add Much Attraction

You can create a rustic decoration with some handmade items placed on the mantel or above it.

Rustic Fireplace Decoration

Remember to keep the style simple and never overload your fireplace with crafted objects of doubtful quality.

Fireplace Clock Decor

One amazing piece is entirely enough.


8. Make It Look a Bit Boho

Create a boho style over and around fireplace with a footed planter, a cozy pouf, a wood basket and a couple of vases.

Boho Fireplace Decorating

Place a nice picture and some statuettes on the mantel.

Boho Fireplace Decorating Ideas

Think about some trifles that can add a country style or vintage look to your piece and make it more attractive.


Final Thoughts

Anyway, it’s up to you to decide what you would like to see in your living room – a boring bulky construction which does not suit any design or a pleasant-looking centerpiece that adds a lot of charm and comfort to the entire home.

Plant Decorating for Mantel

Use these decorating ideas for fireplace and making your item the most beautiful and cozy part of your home.


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