How to Use Snowblower on Grass

How to Use Snowblower on Grass 940x788

People living in cold areas are often faced with the problem how to clear snow off the backyard in winter. If it falls out especially a lot, you probably will need some special machine. I suggest you use a snowblower for quick cleaning.

Can Use Snow Blower On Grass

If you have already bought such equipment for removing snow or are just going, for sure, you will be interested, if you can use a snowblower on grass or not.


Different Varieties of Snowblower

I used a snowblower on the grass. So my answer is yes.

Two Stage Snow Blower For Using On Grass

But first, let’s list the main types of snowblowers which I recommend you to use not only on snow but on grass too:

  • If there is not too much snowfall, use single-stage snowblowers to remove a thin layer. Such equipment is more suitable for clearing up to 20 cm of snow from sidewalks, rather than from grass. The fact is that such kinds of snowblowers have a shield rubber auger that moves quickly and close to the road to take all snow. Such an option is good on the paved road, but on lawns, the auger can take the grass, damaging the lawn surface unevenly;
  • A large two-stage snowblower can clean 45 cm of snow from any surface including the grassplot. The auger does not touch the surface. Using such equipment on the lawn, you will not collect stones and grass, but only snow. So as not to touch the grass, correctly indicate the auger height. Indicate settings for the skid shoes too. I always use snowblowers on grass and macadam. After cleaning the backyard only a small amount of snow remains but the lawn is undamaged.

Best Snow Blowers For Using On Grass


How to Use Snowblower on Grass

I recommend you start by choosing the correct settings. At first, set up the parameters for the skid shoes to use the snowblower on the grass.

Snow Blower Clear Snow Off Grass

The auger body must be raised enough high that it does not damage the grass. But you shouldn’t raise it too high either, otherwise, you will take all stones together with snow and they will fly out at great speed. Remember, that your main purpose is removing snow from the grass without damaging the surface.
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Tips for Using Snowblower on Grass

Now you know which snowblower you should choose for the lawn.

Tips To Use Snowblower

Here are some simple tips that will help you use your snowblower for many years:

  • Always start by preparing your snowblower when using it after summer. Never leave old fuel. Use fresh fuel for filling the tank. Add a stabilizer to the fuel;
  • Set up suitable parameters for the augers;
  • Check your backyard before you are going to start snow removal to avoid damaging the snowblower. To do this, remove any stones, trash bags, garden hoses, and other things that might interfere with the removal of snow;
  • Take special markers for marking to clearly see the lawn borders, the sidewalk, or your favorite flower pots;
  • Don’t wait for the snowfall to end. The snow shouldn’t store in thick layers. Remove it right at the moment if the weather let’s do it. I prefer to clear  the snow off my backyard two times instead of removing 30 cm in one go.


Steps to Clean a Snowblower after Use

Finally, let me share what learn about cleaning a snowblower after use.

Easy To Clear Snow Off Baskyard

So, I admitted the main steps for a quick cleaning of the snow blower:

  1. Turn off the machine;
  2. Remove the carburetor bowl and clean it;
  3. Check the emulsion tube area and fuel jet;
  4. Adjust the carburetor bowl.

To keep the snowblower working smoothly, you have to check the air filter after every use of the machine.

Ways To Use Snowblower On Grass

If there is grass and dirt remove them. Also, remember to change the fuel regularly. May your grass sleep well this winter!


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