Best Way To Store Onions

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Onions are included in many of the dishes you cook every day. These are not only soups but also a base for other dishes. We also make salads from fresh products and add onions for spiciness and a special taste. Nearly all marinades for meat are also made with onion and onion juice. Some people eat raw onions because they believe it improves memory. Nutritionists advise people with diabetes, heart disease and other diseases to eat dishes with fresh onions. So let’s talk how to store onions at home so that it stays tough and fresh for longer.


Where Can You Store Onion?

Before preparing the onion for storage, you need to dig it up and dry it. This can be done in the beds by leaving the bulbs on the ground.

How to Store Onions in an Apartment

Alternatively, you can tie this in bunches and leave to dry under a canopy in a well ventilated area.

Useful tips about where and how to keep onions fresh longer:

  • If you bought this at the market or store, then that type is already dried and ready for storage. Once dry, you don’t need to wash it to remove soil and other dirt. Leave this on the onion; you will wash it before preparing food;
  • The storage temperature in the cellar should be between 0 and 3 degrees and the humidity should not exceed 85%. In another room, you can store it at temperatures up to 22 degrees with humidity of 60 to 70%;
  • The onions will also sit in the refrigerator for a long time if you put them in the vegetable compartment. If you do not observe the temperature regime and maintain a certain level of humidity, then the onion can rot, sprout or get sick;
  • The container for storing onions must be breathable. These can be wooden containers, cardboard boxes, wicker types of baskets, simple vegetable nets, and even women’s nylon stockings.


How long do onions last in the fridge?

One of the best ways to storage all types of onions is fridge. If you plan on storing round onions there, it is best to use simple plastic containers. If you have a vegetable compartment, put the onion there.

Tips on Store Onions

More often than not, people leave half an onion because they are preparing a little food. It is better to put this half in plastic so that other foods in the refrigerator do not take on the smell of onions. You can also take paper bags to store fresh onions, but there must be holes there.

At the bottom of the refrigerator there is an optimum temperature for vegetables, so onions can be there for several weeks. Check your vegetables, if you notice onions getting soft then they start to spoil.


Why Onions Going Soft?

Actually, when storing onions, many people notice that it starts to soften. The problem is bacteriosis. This disease comes from putrefactive bacteria. Onions can rot in garden beds or when stored in the refrigerator.

How to Store Onions in Winter

If your onions become soft in the lower swelling of the refrigerator then throw them away and look at the bulbs around them. The bacteria can go further and infect other vegetables. There may also be rot that appears due to dampness. This problem occurs with bulbs that lie in the cellar for a long time.

Before to store fresh onions in the basement, make sure there are no dangerous fungi or mold. Wash the boxes and containers that previously stored vegetables.


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