DIY Picnic Craft Ideas

Best DIY Picnic Crafts


Townspeople like spending warm sunny days at picnics. It’s a great way to have a good time as with children so with lovers or friends. To make this event more cheerful I’ve collected several DIY picnic crafts and some food ideas. I’ve tested all of them with my people and I know for sure that they work well.

20 Best DIY Picnic Craft Ideas

Going to the picnic, we have to think about food and drinks, first. It’s better to prepare most of fare beforehand. For example, put sliced salad in glasses and you have portions ready to eat right away. Provide yourself with water resistant blanket and food covers from pests. So, there is a large list of practical advice. Have a look!


DIY Picnic Basket

How To Make A Picnic Basket

How To Make A Picnic Basket

Good picnic baskets can cost a fortune, but you can save a lot of money by making one yourself via Lovely Indeed. Key to this DIY – that you don’t actually have to make it!


Best modern picnic basket

Best Modern Picnic Basket

Season for picnics is here! Make sure you’re ready for lakeside or park getaway this spring and summer with useful and modern basket. Here is one of the way how to make an easy one, this simple craft project by Ohjoy.


Basket Liner Pouch

DIY Project Sunset Dyed Basket Liner Pouch

Have you ever received perfect gift but didn’t know what to do with the basket afterwards? DIY project sunset dyed basket liner pouch via Design Sponge, customize a plain basket into perfect way to transport all of your picnics.


Perfect Picnic Essentials Ideas

Perfect Picnic Essentials Ideas

Spending the weekend outdoors is fun! So here is a compilation of picnic essentials which help you feel happy, comfortable and have much fun with friends or loved ones.


Central Park Style

Picnic New York Central Park Idea

While some picnics don’t require a lot of preparation, others do. Picnic New York Central Park idea via Kara’s Party Ideas this picnic real dream!


Mediterranean Beach Picnic

Cool Mediterranean Beach Picnic

If you don’t know exactly what’s best picnic essentials for you, here is few items that you will need. Fresh fruits are always a good idea and I would say don´t forget your portable speaker. Obviously, you need a few tableware pieces like napkins, bottle opener, glasses and plates. Picnic is good but if you’d like to make real beach themed party for yours or some one else birthday here is info how to.


DIY Tassel Balloon Idea

DIY Tassel Balloon Idea

Here you can see what to bring to a picnic with friends, make sure to setup many colorful balloons. Tested, everyone gonna have a lot of enjoy and fun.


Picnic Invitations

Free Let's Picnic Invitations

No matter the type of picnic you are hosting free let’s picnic invitations via Eat Drink Chic these little invites will come in handy! Treat your guests to an ad-free experience, text your invitations.


Easy Picnic Food Ideas

Pack perfect summer picnic food as well to enjoy with the whole family. Imagine yourself getting away from crowdy city and enjoying some quality time.

Recipe for an Amalfi Picnic

Recipe for an Amalfi Picnic

It’s time to have a fun picnic party, with this recipe by Camille Styles, which is so tasty and perfectly looking. And in same time easy one, all you need for this some beans and shrimps, greens, salt, olive oil and lemon. Feel free to improvise to make this recipe for yourself even better.


Rainbow Salad in a Glass for Picnic

Rainbow Salad in a Glass for Picnic

It’s that time of year when we get out our best recipes for picnic, food in nature is always the best. Try this vegetarian rainbow salad in a glass jar for summer picnic via Tablespoon. Could salad get any better than this colorful layered one?


Rainbow Fruit Skewers

Clean Eating Rainbow Fruit Skewers

Clean eating rainbow fruit skewers via Clean Food Crush. Super easy for your ideal picnic, just prepare all fruit by washing and cutting, then add them into skewers in rainbow order, shrill through the sharp side. Beautiful way to get in those nutritious fruits.


Cake Recipe

Colorful Layered Cake Recipe

Colorful layered cake recipe via The House That Lars Built. For sure it´s will be best dessert for your picnic and all your guests will love it for sure. But it some time consuming to prepare this beauty.


Popsicles Recipe for Picnic

Best Grapefruit Popsicles Recipe for Picnic

Best grapefruit popsicles recipe for picnic via Paper n Stitch Blog, healthier dessert with only three ingredients. Very delicious dessert that requires no cooking, that we all need to have this summer.


Strawberry Cucumber Limeade Recipe

Strawberry Cucumber Limeade Recipe

Perfect refreshing sparkling limeade via A Classic Twist. Main ingredients you´ll need for this drink is fresh strawberries, some granulated sugar, squeezed lime juice and sliced cucumber. Better make a big batch though!


Bowl Covers Wrap

DIY Reusable Bowl Covers Food Wrap

DIY reusable bowl covers food wrap via House of Hawthornes. Replace the plastic wrap and aluminum foil food storage covers with these eco friendly ones. For sure it´s multi purpose use, to block from dust and to cover leftovers.


Clip on Picnic Utensils

Clip on Picnic Utensils

Clip on Picnic Utensils via Oh Happy Day, it is cute and functional. Easily clip it to your picnic lunch, just glue some clothespin to a wooden fork before. This idea very functional and easy carrying.


Watermelon Print Napkins

DIY Watermelon Print Napkins

Dress up your picnic or summer parties with these DIY watermelon print napkins via The Sweetest Occasion. Your guests will be amazed when you serve them with these, it´s will tie entire look of your decoration.


DIY Summer Snack Trays

DIY Summer Snack Trays

Take snacks outside for your picnic with this handmade trays by Studio DIY. It´s so easy but in same time very functional, you´ll make your rest time much more enjoyable if you make this preparations before.


Giant Lawn Matching Game

DIY Giant Lawn Matching Game

And of course for some fun for your picnic, don´t forget to interact your guests. Here one of the best DIY giant lawn matching game idea by Studio DIY. Just make sure you make this craft in well-ventilated space or even outdoor, because this project involves a lot of spray paint.


Thanks for your time with me here, I hope after all proper preparations your picnic time will be the best!

20+ DIY Picnic Craft Ideas


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