DIY Crafty Paper Animal Bookmarks

DIY Papercut Animal Bookmarks

As a devoted reader, I always make bookmarks of any things at hand. That’s why one day an idea came to my mind. I thought that it’s very pleasant to have some adorable ones and they may be DIY paper animal bookmarks. Why paper? Because it’s the most available and easy to work material. Why animals? Because we all love them.

I use the pictures of different animals: wild and farm. There are long traditional rectangles with animal heads, small origami triangles for page corners and other ideas for any taste.

My ideas are good not only for book lovers, but for children who don’t like reading so much, as it’s a way to attract them. Get down to work!


DIY Papercut Animal Bookmarks

DIY Crafty Paper Animal Bookmarks

DIY crafty paper animal bookmarks via Create Craft Love.


Ladybug Corner Bookmark

Ladybug Corner Bookmark

Via Easy Peasy and Fun.


Animals Origami Bookmarks

Diy Woodland Animals Origami Bookmarks

Diy Woodland  via It’s Always Autumn.


Pug Corner Bookmark

Pug Corner Bookmark Design

Design via Red Ted Art.


Sheep Corner Bookmark

Sheep Corner Bookmark Craft for Kids

Craft for Kids via Easy Peasy and Fun.

DIY Crafty Paper Animal Bookmarks


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