Best Car Pool Table Ideas

Best Car Pool Table Ideas

Refresh the look of your house with this car pool tables. Due to its original and sophisticated design it will be applicable to the room in your great home.

Be sure that it will make you happy and all your guests will be impressed. This element will be the focal point of any large room.

It has only high quality parts, perfect construction and modern design.


Car Pool Tables as Unique Decor


1. New York City Taxi Cab

Car Themed Pool Tables

There are a lot of people who think that car shaped pool table is a bad idea for an elegant house.

Also they think that it’s difficult to find one that matches the design. But isn’t true. There are many modern and sophisticated pool tables and you can choose the one ideal for your living space.


2. Mini Car Pool Table

Pool Table Car

If you have a big house and want to create a gorgeous billiards room, so you will need such element. Remember that the billiard room requires enough space.


3. Shelby GT350 1965 Car Pool Table

Car Body Pool Tables

Don’t forget about a good chandelier, it gives the light for the game and pretty chic to the interior. Use the curtains to prevent excessive daylight.

Add different accessories to the room and it will look like a real pool hall. There are endless options for billiard’s room decoration.


4. Ford Mustang 1965 Pool Table

Car Shaped Pool Table

Everything depends only on your home interior and your desire. But anyway this room will bring you a lot of fun and pleasure.


5. Camaro z28 1969 Pool Table

Muscle Car Pool Table

With this furniture you can create a great family game room and every evening you will gather with your children here to talk and to play billiard. Your weekends will be cool.

You can invite your friends and spend hours playing this wonderful game!

Also you can put this functional pool table on your back patio for summer gatherings with your family and friends. Indoor or outdoor the car themed pool tables will be a centerpiece in any environment.

Best Car Pool Table Ideas


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