Best DIY Bed Skirt Ideas

Best DIY Bed Skirt Ideas

A DIY bed skirt is a stripe of cloth, which surrounds the bottom part of a bedstead. This fabric serves for decorative and practical purposes: it hides an ugly box spring and different items that are stored underneath. In the same time it gives a finishing touch to the interior of a bedroom.


DIY Velcro Bed Skirt

DIY Velcro Bed Skirt

The type of fabric may be absolutely different: light or heavy, transparent or dense, expensive or cheap.

Independently of the quality, each of these clothes can have a wonderful look if it blends well with the surrounding interior.

You should make a DIY ruffled bed skirt for classic or romantic design and for a crib, or to make it flat and laconic in modern style.

To make the fabric piece an integral part of a room, you have also to match rightly its texture and color. The decoration of contrast color single out and attract attention, when a skirt that coincides with a coverlet, cushions or curtains, creates a single composition.


How to Make a Ruffled Bedskirt

How to Make a Ruffled Bedskirt: with a no Sew Option

A project that can be carry out by anyone is a DIY bed skirt no sew. First, choose the material. Then measure the perimeter of your bedstead and cut a suitable piece of fabric.

Its longitude have to wrap the whole perimeter (it’s possible to cut some pieces), and its width must to hide the gap between the matrass and the floor.

Take also four wooden boards for each side of the bedstead and a stapler. Attach the stripes to the board with the stapler, folding it up or making flat. At last, nail the board to the frame.


How to Make a No Sew Bedskirt

How to Make a No Sew Ruffled Bedskirt


No Sew Drop Cloth Bed Skirt

Easy No Sew Drop Cloth Bed Skirt


No Sew Tailored Bed Skirt For Adjustable Beds

No Sew Tailored Bed Skirt For Adjustable Beds

DIY Bed Skirt No Sew Dropcloth

DIY Bed Skirt No Sew Dropcloth


15 Minute DIY No Sew Burlap Bedskirt

15 Minute DIY No Sew Burlap Bedskirt

DIY No Sew Burlap Bed Skirt Tutorial

Besides, we can offer a very easy DIY bed skirt. Take a glue gun and Velcro. Glue one piece of the Velcro to the box spring and other to the fabric. Put the pieces of Velcro to each other and press them. The advantage of the decisions is in an easy removing of the handicraft.

A dorm bed skirt is not a simple whim but is often an indispensable article. Rooms of hostels are used as for sleeping, so for studying and socializing. Their main problem is in a limited space and a tame style. Students, in their turn, want to make this space more cozy and home.

So, this long stipe of fabric can help to jazz up a room, to hide an unattractive matrass and a box spring. It helps also to cover storage underneath, which is a common thing in a dormitory.


Bed Skirt from a Flat Sheet

How to Make a Bed Skirt from a Flat Sheet: Boys Bedding Striped Comforter and Arrow Sheets


How To Make A Pleated Bed Skirt From A Flat Sheet

Boys bedding striped comforter and arrow sheets. The cloth of dorm room bed skirts must be dense and durable to guaranty a long service and to hide well your storage.

It is not obligatory to buy a new one. You can take an old item from home. If you want to decorate the sleeping place better, purchase a kit of bedding, including dust ruffle.


Easy DIY Custom Bed Skirt

How to Make an Easy DIY Custom Bed Skirt

Don’t forget that a bedstead in a hostel is often bigger, so measure it before to buy a valance. As example, a lofted dorm bed skirt asks a larger piece of fabric.

Measuring is necessary too, when you want to make this decoration by yourself.


DIY Pleated Bed Skirt

DIY Pleated Bed Skirt

Don’t mind, if you can’t sew. The simplest way is to take a stripe of cloth of needed width and length. Fasten the fabric on the corners of a box spring with a stapler. Draw the fabric well for it won’t slip down and put a matrass on top. You can also order a bedding kit specially for you, which costs more expensive.

As you can see, dorm bed skirt ideas don’t differ a lot from those for home bedrooms. Perhaps they are a little bit simple, as they are made from cheaper cloth and don’t have many folds. But they realize an important function of hiding accumulated things.


Bed Skirt Fits well in Contemporary Interior

Quick and Easy Bed Skirt Idea

Easy bed skirt is a traditional decoration for the bed, which closes the frame of the furniture and hangs down to the floor.

Valances can be made in divers formats, it is possible to acquire or make it. Earlier, man tried to make the furniture as high as possible as the higher floor – the warmer.

Respectively, under the furniture was an empty seat, which could be utilized. Ordinary under it kept chests, boxes, crates. It looked not very aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, such area was covered with a decorative valance.

How To Make A No Sew Diy Bed Skirt

As women sympathy for vintage style valances not allowed to disappear it as a phenomenon. adhering one invariable rule – easy fit bed skirt should match the tone and texture of bed. In the US and Britain, a valance always remains relevant for classic and retro rooms. Currently, valances are in vogue in our country.

Anyone who knows how to sew a little could easily diy bed skirt easy. We need to take old, unwanted bedding. Cut it into strips with a large margin of length and width. If valance is pleated, the length of each band should be multiplied by 2 or 3. Details are collected directly on the furniture and held together with pins.

You could lay the cloth or folds and fix them with needles. Then you cut off the excess and, if necessary, to make a mark and sign parts. Next, you need to make estimates and sit at a sewing machine.


Gathered Bed Skirt From A Drop Cloth

Diy Gathered Bed Skirt From A Drop Cloth

Easy bed skirt ideas vary in style and design. There are three basic models:

  • Strict. This sleek valance with opposing folds at the corners and sometimes in the middle of each side. This valance is optimal for both classical and modern elegant rooms;
  • Draped. This skirt has a lot of soft folds. This valance looks feminine and a bit rustic, so it is best suited for country-style and for girls;
  • Pleated. The folds are gathered not as well laid and smoothed: they can be in the form of unilateral or oncoming large pleats. It is for vintage and classic rooms.


Girlish style with tutu bed skirt

A tutu bed skirt is a very sweet decoration for girls’ bedrooms. It represents valances around a crib, which look like a ballerina’s garment. This article is made of tulle or other similar light and transparent cloth, has plenty of folds and is very puffy.

The range of colors is mainly pink and pastel, but it’s not obligatory. To make the decoration more unusual and interesting you can choose any color, even dark.

DIY No Sew Easy Tutu Bed Skirt


A tutu bed skirt for crib is a simple but effective way to surround your baby girl with nice and fairy interior, especially when the whole room is made in one style and tint. A tutu may be decorated additionally with bows, ribbons, beads, stresses, and spangles. If you add the same details to other parts of the bedroom, it will have a pretty finishing look.

There is a simple way to get a tutu bed skirt DIY. Take a white sheet and place it on the box spring. Make many pairs of slits, one above other, at the bottom of the sheet. Then cut so many stripes of tulle so many pairs of slits you have, slip the stripes through the holes and tie them.

The handicraft is ready. The more stripes you will tie, the more the article will be puffy.

Easy DIY Tutu Bed Skirt

They often organize table and bed tutu skirt. The decision in general style makes a bedroom more interesting. To decorate a table, take a staple gun and a great deal of tulle strips and attach them with the stapler to the table.

You can make it from below of the top or to put another decorative top above to hide staples and to prevent baby wound. So, it’s possible to make an awesome castle for a little princess with help of a piece of tulle.


Burlap bed skirt singularity

How to Make a Burlap Bed Skirt

How to Make a Burlap Bed Skirt via Primitive Mountain Quilts and Crafts.

Someone thinks that a burlap bed skirt is too modest and rustic décor to have it in a modern design. It’s not the truth, because in practice we see that the fabric blends well with almost every styles and materials.

It doesn’t matter what is your design (rural or classic), what is the color gamut and what is your bedding, as hessian has a unique capacity to mix with any environment and, in the same time, to give it some special character. Hessian represents a dense woven cloth from jute or similar fiber. It is often used in the production of sacks.

The material has some advantages, which are ecological compatibility, durability and low cost. Thanks to the last quality it’s possible to make a queen size bed skirt burlap without fearing of considerable expenses. At last, you should to train yourself on sewing a dust ruffle with help of this fabric.

Easy Way How to Make a Burlap Bed Skirt at Home

Easy Way How to Make a Burlap Bed Skirt at Home via Hometalk.

If you are afraid of spoil your room with the rough cloth, try to make a burlap bed skirt ruffled. We advise to take an old sheet of white or similar to hessian color. Attach the linen to the sheet with pins, on folding it in a desired way. When you’re sure that it has a nice look, sew the linen to the sheet and place it on the bedstead.

You can also cut the cloth on long stripes and pin each stipe with folds. By this way you will get some levels of valances, which looks great.

We like fringed burlap bed skirts, too. They are really charming. To get the fringe remove several threads, which go in one direction. A big amount of removed threads give a longer fringe. To prevent the linen from getting unraveled, fix the strings with, for example, a decorative stitch. Believe that this is a cute decoration!

19 Best DIY Bed Skirt Ideas


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