Car Bed Designs for Kids

If you need a cool sleeping place design for your little kid, so look at this gorgeous car bed designs for toddlers!

All parents will agree that it’s very important to provide a perfect living space for their children where they could play, study and sleep.

Also they will agree that a comfortable and beautiful sleeping space is the most important furniture in the kid’s bedroom.

Best Car Bed Designs for Kids

With this wonderful sleeping place you will transform your ordinary son’s room into a magical thing!  From this moment your kid will love bed time.

He will go to his bedroom with pleasure. It will be his relaxing escape after a long day of games and study. Slipping in a bed that looks like a police car would fill your kid’s life with happiness and joy.

Due to its racing car design this furniture is ideal for kid’s bedroom. Also it’s durable, beautiful and eco-friendly. This bed is absolutely safe for your child.  It’s big, so he will enjoy it for many years. Be sure he will be really happy.

Police Car Toddler Bed

It’s always difficult decorate child’s room. Usually the children want to help you and have many ideas but not all of them you like. But be sure that you will like this original police car toddler bed too!

So you can create the cool design of the kid’s room using this perfect sleeping space. He will be proud that his friends don’t have such sleeping place. Place it in the center of the room and it will be a focal point.

Even if the room isn’t very big it will fit perfectly due to its medium size. Your kid will spend there the coolest playtime and bedtime.


Blue Car Bed – Good Idea

Blue Car Toddler Bed Little Tikes

It’s a dream of every boy (little and adult, of course).  Made of MDF and durable plastic it will bring an original touch to the bedroom’s design.

Whether you have a modern, eclectic style or your kid are fond of a minimalist design, you will find your favorite element in the great collection of such car beds which exists in the market, and you will create the sleeping space that you love.

In the shops you can find different design, size and color of this bedroom’s furniture.

Little Tikes Blue Race Car Toddler Bed

As you know the design of the bedroom is very personal and that’s why it’s very difficult for decorate it.  So you should think what furniture makes him happy and calm.

Choosing a bed, pay attention to its colors too. The best color for bedroom’s furniture is blue because it will relax and calm.

Before you select the bed, you should to consider the size of your room where you are planning to place it.


Full Size Car

Full Size Car Bed Frame

If you want it to be a focal point of child room, try to place it in the center. But don’t forget about the space to move around fantastic looking bed.

Yellow Car Toddler Bed

With this gorgeous furniture you can create original style! He can invite friends and be sure they will be very impressed!

Toddler to Twin Car Bed


Girls Car Beds

Create a magic bedroom for your little daughter with this beautiful car beds because she deserves the best of everything! If you think that only boys are fond of different vehicles, it isn’t true. There are a lot of girls who like it too.

If your daughter is one of them so you will need to refresh the interior of her bedroom and decorate it with her favorite character.  She will enjoy with this sleeping place.

It has a durable wooden frame so she will use it for many years. It is ideal for your little fun of vehicles. You can easily convert it to a twin size mattress when the kid should sleep in a big bed. It’s easy to clean and eco-friendly.

Step 2 Pink Car Bed

Your little princess will be really impressed. Due to the realistic design she will love her new sleeping place very much.

Every evening the girl can play or read a book in this gorgeous bed before going to the dreamland.  It will provide a real fun for her!

Due to this sleeping place you can create for your kid her own magic world. This girl race car bed saves the space of any kid’s room. It’s not very big but comfortable and safe for your child.

Pink Racing Car Bed

But don’t forget about other elements of décor of yours kid’s bedroom because it should fit to the design of the leaving space. For example, you can use beautiful car print curtains or rug.

Place this stylish furniture in the center of the room and this car will accent its design. So this element will be an ideal place for her relaxing and every evening your daughter will go to bed with pleasure.

Also her friends will be impressed when they see it! Make bedtime fun with this!

Girl Car Toddler Bed


Car Bedroom Sets

If you want to make happy your kid, so present this great bedroom sets! It‘s easy to transform our kid’s room into something special with this gorgeous furniture.

It will make cozy and comfortable your kid’s living space.  Usually bedroom furniture includes a bed, a dresser, little table, chair or an organizer for toys.

So you should think well what pieces of furniture you need for your kid’s room.

Cars Bedroom Set for Toddlers

It is a perfect idea to choose a kid’s bedroom set that includes the existing décor in the room and, of course, reflects your kid’s interests. There are many toddler furniture sets with popular characters, for example cars, animals, princesses. So you should a set that will bring the happiness to your child.

The children often create their own world inspired by their favorite cartoon characters and books. May be your little son is infatuated with Cars and especially with Lightning McQueen. In this case take the opportunity to create a world of Cars in his room!

Pixar Cars Bedroom Set

Be sure he will love it very much. Involve your child in this great project, he can choose the wall paper, curtains and accessories for his gorgeous room. Your kid will feel like a hero because of this fantastic pixar cars bedroom set. The design features wheels at four corner to complete the image of the real car.

The storage toddler bed has separate compartments for tucking away games, toys clothing, and more. The bed is ideal for all standard-size mattresses. Your child will play, do the homework and sleep with pleasure in this perfect bedroom.


Car Bed Frames

Due to this great car bed frame you will remember the years f your childhood.  Such bed is every child’s dream and  will be perfect not only for a little boy but for an adult man too. So it’s time to fulfill your dreams, check now my collection of race car beds specially for adults.

You will create a gorgeous room design with it and will enjoy this sleeping place every morning and evening. It gives a warmth and happiness to the design of your house.

Decorating the bedroom, the people spend a lot of time fixating on the small elements of interior but don’t pay much attention to the most important furniture – to a bed.Car Twin Bed FrameIt’s fantastic idea for any home because be sure that it will be its focal point.  It’s heavy, fully functional and durable. It’s easy to assemble and you can do it in a short time.

The design of this race car bed frame reflects the latest in modern style. It will look great in your bedroom and you can use this element for many years!

Single Car Bed Frame

The bedroom is a most private and personal space of the home. This thing is the last you can see when you go to sleep every night.  With the weather outside getting cold, it’s a great time to stay indoors and sleep.

This sleeping place inspires sweet dreams or different nightmares. So, try to select a stylish bed with will reflect your personality and style. The bed can fit with other elements of your bedroom’s interior.

And, of course, it has to be comfortable and good looking. Let this furniture be your place for great relax after a hard working day. This original sleeping place will refresh your room and will bring a new style to your home. All your guests will be impressed.


Boys Car Bed Frame

Your little son or daughter will be very proud to have an ideal bedroom. This will be the envy of all little friends of your kid who go to play!

So don’t hesitate and create a magic for your kid with this gorgeous car beds!

Gorgeous Car Bed Designs for Kids


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