Fancy Valance Curtains for Living Room

To make the home comfortable and impressive at the same time one can use fancy valances for living room. They have both practical (hide some defects of a window and a wall, visually raise a ceiling or widen a window opening) and decorative function.

Fancy Valances for Living Room

It is distinguished main kinds of window valances for living room: classic, rigid, soft and combined.

Classic type represents an ordinary piece of fabric, which is gathered with the help of tape forming different kinds of creases.

Fancy Valances for Living Room


Curtains with Attached Valance

Rigid pelmet perfectly keeps its shape, because it is made of a special fabric (bando) or a thick cloth with double or non-woven lining.

The interior of the hall, decorated with such pelmets, looks quite stern and majestic.

Living Room Curtains with Attached Valance

The edges of this structure may be straight or figured (wavy, arched). There is a pattern along the whole length of the pelmet.

It may be geometrical or floral motives as well as different images printed on fabric using photo printing.


Tailored Valances

Tailored Valances for Living Room

Soft type of valances consists of a light fabric, which can be perfectly combined with curtains. Combined pelmets represent a combination of soft and rigid types.


Country Valances

Country Valances for Living Room

A living room is a so-called “visiting card” of any home, so a special attention should be paid to its decoration.

So, you should use living room valances ideas and recommendations of designers.

Living Room Curtains with Valance

It is important to create coziness and warm in this room using magnificent draperies, soft tissues and creases.

Living Room Drapes with Valances

It is better to give up using rigid type of pelmets here, because their place is in the strict atmosphere of the cabinet. In this case, a pelmet can be used together with French curtains.

Red Valances for Living Room

As for the colors, the choice depends on the general palette of the interior.


Modern Valances

Modern Valances for Living Room

Take into account the tone of upholstery and a coverlet.

Balloon Valances for Living Room

If the hall is small it would be appropriate to use pelmets of light colors, because they will make the room visually bigger.

Valance Curtains for Living Room

It is not recommended to use two bright colors in the details of modern valances for living room.

One of the colors will always be the background (white, grey, pastel) and the second one will be the main in the interior and it will set the mood.

Wine and turquoise shades, all shades of gray and blue will always be fashionable.

Fancy Valances for Living Room


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