Butterfly Birthday Party Ideas

Enchanted Butterfly Birthday Party Ideas

Butterfly birthday party requires preparation. Moths are not just something beautiful; it is a symbol, which many people of the world represent something beauteous and handsome.

The ancient Greeks believed that it is a symbol of the immortality of the soul. In Japan, it is associated with the image of a beautiful girl.

Beautiful Butterfly Birthday Party Ideas


Butterfly Themed Birthday Parties

Butterfly Garden Birthday Party

Places for rest at butterfly themed birthday party, instead of traditional chairs and stools for the birthday girl and her guests will be glad to soft cushions in bright covers.


Enchanted Forest Birthday Party

Enchanted Forest Birthday Party

Just a nuance, but it soon will give your holiday a unique rank. During decoration of the room is most significant – to capture and convey the mood and the atmosphere of a fairy-tale.


Butterfly Birthday Party Supplies

Brunch Birthday Party Inspriration

Butterfly birthday party supplies are as fans, fabulous sun umbrellas, nylon wings, nets, and souvenirs. For holiday, you should prepare for each participant wings. If you have a certain propensity to sewing – for you, it will not be a problem.

At the end of the holiday, each guest could receive a pot with a pleasant surprise – pencils, crayons, and seed. If you put in each pot a small bag of seeds, they could be planted in a pot. And after a while – will grow beautiful and vivid herb it will reminder about the holiday.

Beautiful Butterfly Birthday Celebration

Butterflies birthday party ideas help you to create a magical atmosphere and a fabulous forest. Decorate a room or space for the celebration with moths and paper flowers.

You can make the entrance to the “magic” forest (an arch doorway): decorate it with paper (artificial flowers), attach on a double-sided tape on a wall in the form of swarms.


Easy Butterfly Party Favours

Easy Butterfly Party Favours

Garden Party Butterfly Nets

Garden Party Butterfly Nets

Do not forget a ceiling – hang balloons or flowers. With the aid of nice laid fabric (several paintings gentle tulle fastened to the ceiling and extended at the perimeter to form a magical tent) could change the dwelling beyond recognition.

Adorned with pink cloth window will stain the sun rays on a warm pink colour. Set on top of nylon butterflies, colourful artificial flowers, satin bows – and a fairy tale come to life.


Butterfly First Birthday Party

Enchanted Fairy Forest First Birthday Party

Enchanted fairy forest first birthday party via Kara’s.

Made Easy Butterfly Birthday Party

Made easy butterfly birthday party via Lil Blue Boo.

Butterfly First Birthday Party Favours

Butterfly first birthday party favours via Kid Transit.


Butterfly Birthday Party Food

Butterfly Birthday Celebration Food

Here are a variety of DIY butterfly party food ideas.


Simple Flowers Butterflies Cake

Simple Flowers Butterflies Cake

This vanilla buttercream frosting is sweet, creamy and easily adjustable!


Food Art a Fruity Butterfly Snack

Cereal Food Art a Fruity Butterfly Snack

Delicious and healthy idea for snacks, that will help children eat their fruits.


Cinnamon Roll Butterflies Recipe

Cinnamon Roll Butterflies Recipe for Party

Add these buns made with cinnamon rolls and topped with cherries to your butterfly birthday party celebration.


Butterfly Pretzels

Butterfly Pretzels Birthday Party Idea

Super cute and fun to make it,  you can dip the pretzels in the colors you like.


Butterfly Themed Cupcakes Recipe

Butterfly Themed Cupcakes Recipe for Birthday Party

Bring some spring into house by making butterfly cupcakes and have fun your with kids.

To see even more magic check my fairy garden party ideas.


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