Custom Cordless Window Blinds

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To make the shutters more safety, manufacturers produce today cordless window blinds. People, who want to protect their children and pets from accidents at home, choose such kinds of blinds.

In fact, traditional control mechanism of shutters includes a cane and a cord. A cane regulates the level of slats’ turning.

Cordless Custom Window Blinds

A cord raises the slats to the required height, which makes it possible to regulate the brightness of the room and fix the shutters at any height.

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Use Cordless Window Blinds

There is a special lift mechanism, which is situated either in head rail or in the bottom rail.

Custom Cordless Window Blinds

So, you can easily lift and lower them just pulling a little handle.

There are such kinds of cordless window blinds and shades:

  • Pleated blinds;
  • Roller shades;
  • Electric shutters.

Best Custom Cordless Window Blinds

Pleated shutters have a special design. They consist of a whole cloth, which usually concertinas. They can be lifted and lowered by means of electric drive or a chain and spring mechanism.

Cordless Wood Window Blinds

Moreover, there are also models with different patterns of flowers, nature, fruit. If you want to choose shutters for the nursery there are images of cartoon and fairy tale heroes.

Cordless Window Blinds and Shades

Different types of materials can be used for the production of roller shades: cotton, polyester, nylon, and fiberglass.

They can be mounted in the window opening, on the wall, window frame and even attached to the ceiling.

They can be controlled by means of chain and spring mechanism or electric motor, which is mounted inside of the shaft.

How Do Cordless Window Blinds Work

There may also be shutters with electric drive or an ordinary wall switch, which is situated in the most convenient place of the room.

Cool Custom Cordless Window Blinds

You can also use a remote-control board to regulate the level of lifting, lowering and turning the slats.


Cordless Mini Blinds

Window Treatments Cordless Blinds

So, cordless blinds for windows have many advantages: safety, reliability, durability, easiness in control, original and interesting design.

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