Easy Wine Bottle Crafts

Easy Wine Bottle Crafts

Wine bottle crafts is not a new idea. Nevertheless, I have some projects to share with you, as I believe glass bottles is a wonderful base for creating some amazing items.

Can you believe that it’s possible to give empty vessels a new stylish life. The bottle can have quiet practical reuse, such as a bird feeder, lampshade or vase. They also may be an impressive décor element. The imagination can suggest you the way of decoration. I give some detailed advice and tutorials, but it’s not obligatory to follow them exactly. Very likely, you’ll be able to change and improve my ideas and create a unique handicraft.


Wine Bottle Rainbow Lanterns

DIY Wine Bottle Craft Rainbow Lanterns

DIY wine bottle craft rainbow lanterns via Saved by Love Creations for every day spring and summer decor!


Citronella Candles

DIY Wine Bottle Citronella Candles

DIY wine bottle citronella candles via Hello Glow. Make your outdoor entertaining area look just a bit more classy.


Planter Succulents

DIY Wine Bottle Planter Succulents

DIY wine bottle planter succulents via Succulents and Sunshine.


Painted Wine Bottles

Painted Wine Bottles Idea

Painted wine bottles Idea via Crafts by Amanda.


Wine Bottle Chandelier

DIY Wine Bottle Chandelier

DIY wine bottle chandelier via Mod Podge Rocks.


Bird Feeder

Make Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Make wine bottle bird feeder via Down Home Inspiration.


How to Flatten Wine Bottles

How to Flatten Wine Bottles

How to flatten wine bottles via Hunker.


Shelving and Tables

Shelving and Tables Using Wine Bottles

Shelving and tables using wine bottles via Instructables.


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