Western Themed Birthday Party

Best Western Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Western birthday party and you will get savagery, drive, adrenaline and incredibly vivid emotions. Your main task is to create the atmosphere of recklessness and adventurism. Tequila, grilled chicken, country music – for your great time.

Western Themed Decorations

Western Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Western Themed Birthday Party Ideas via Kara’s Party Ideas

The ideal place for the event could be a rented barn, a stable (not working) or a farm (also not in working condition).

But it is doubtful whether this is possible in a big city, so be prepared for the creation of a large number of western birthday party decorations, if you want to give your party a real shine of the Wild West.

Western Decorations for Birthday Party

In the absence of the farm is best suitable for such a large party room or dining room with a spacious interior.

In the centre of the room, set a small scene around it, put a few haystacks.

Across the floor could be scattered plastic or rubber toy snakes. If possible, set on one of the stacks a saddle.


Western Birthday Invitations

Western Birthday Party Invitations

Western Birthday Party Invitations via Spaceships and Laser Beams

As for western birthday party invitations you can draw posters “WANTED”, write on them all details of the celebration than roll them and wrap in bandanas.

Use coloured paper or parchment, write in black ink. Or it could be a message in the form of a bell cow.

Western Themed Birthday Party Invitations

Buy bells; paint on them a guest’s name, on the outside write details. Send them by mail or delivered personally.

These bells can be found in the gift shop. Another idea for the original invitation – cowboy hats for each guest with all the details of the event inside the hat.


Western Birthday Party Supplies

Western Birthday Party Supplies

One of western birthday party ideas is at the entrance to the «saloon» you can organize a small competition, as a result of which everybody gets wild cowboy nickname.

Guests can demonstrate professional skills of tequila drinking, singing solo or interesting and funny pa for country music.

Western First Birthday Party

The entertainment does not involve cooking complex dishes. The smell of roasted meat on the fire – that inspire real cowboys. BBQ – the best option for dinner.

It is easy to cook and Mexican food: burritos, tacos, sandwiches, salads with corn, beans, and tomatoes.


Birthday Cake for Western Party

Western Themed Birthday Cake

As a beverage, of course, would be appropriate some lemonade and soft drinks. For sure snacks as well, like potato chips and popcorn – this is quite in the spirit of the Wild West.

Western Themed Birthday Party



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