15 Best Tray Ceiling Ideas

15 Best Tray Ceiling Ideas

Different options of tray ceiling lighting

Your tray ceiling lighting variants may depend on the effect you want to achieve in the room, its shape and natural light access.

Kitchen Tray Ceiling Recessed Lighting

It could become a nice addition to the main lights or become an individual and complete source of lighting.

Tray Ceiling Lighting Moulding

Besides, it may change colors and create special atmosphere for a movie night or any kind of parties. You may choose warm or cold white or even light blue looks or use multicolored versions for crazy and fun modes.

Tray Ceiling Lighting in Kitchen

Basically, it’s possible to attach tray ceiling lighting rope to the whole frame of the ceiling and turn it into the only source of light in the room.

Tray Ceiling Lighting Rope

There are even such systems that allow changing the light intensity and turn on/of different individual ropes, so that you may alternate the accents in the room and create different shades.

Tray Ceiling Recessed Lighting

This type of lights will emphasize the texture and the shape of the ceiling or even the whole room and stress a kitchen island or cozy couch living-room area for instance.

Tray Ceiling Lighting Fixtures

Tray ceiling lighting often feature more subtle and calm looks. This may be achieved by molding spot lights in different places the way that they spread evenly throughout the whole room or become a centerpiece of the ceiling an even create some “picture”.

It’s a perfect option of tray ceiling lighting in bedroom, especially if you attach it above the bed to implement romantic spirit and mysterious atmosphere.

Tray Ceiling Lighting in Bedroom

Besides, you may build them into the ceiling or wall around the vanity to get extra lighting for the time when you get ready.

It’s even possible to create a setup of the moon and stars in kids’ room. You may choose any look you like and recreate it on the tray ceiling using spot lights of different colors and sizes.

Besides, you may complement the tray ceiling rope or spotlights with chandeliers or other hanging lights if you think that the first ones look kind of plain and can’t serve as proper decorations, but only as functional elements.

The overview of possible tray ceiling paint ideas

As the tray ceiling basically consists of two parts, which are the edges and the middle part that is higher than the frame (just several inches above it), one can come up with diverse tray ceiling paint ideas.

Double Tray Ceiling Paint Ideas

There may be not only one framing part, but it may be doubled and tripled, creating several levels of edgings and cornices.

Sloped Tray Ceiling Paint Ideas

But bear in mind that this design suits high ceilings and bigger rooms better, so be careful while building and painting it and try not to reduce the space visually and lower the ceilings.

It may not look too god and create uncomfortable claustrophobic atmosphere.

Pan Ceiling Painting Ideas

Most of the tray ceiling paint feature the use of two paint colors. Although it’s basically one main color in darker and lighter shades.

Tray Ceiling Paint Ideas Bedroom

The classical look is achieved by painting the central higher part into dark paint and covering the inner edging using lighter color.

Triple Tray Ceiling Paint Ideas

The outer frame may be painted using the same light shade or the color the middle part of the tray ceiling was coated with.

Such method creates special volumetric effect and emphasizes the center of the room.

Colorful Tray Ceiling Paint Ideas

It’s a perfect decision of dining room tray ceiling, especially if you place the dining table underneath the darker, higher part of the ceiling.

Tray Ceiling Paint Ideas Dining Room

Besides, if your room is too long or square and you’d like to change it visually without carrying out a massive rebuilding project, it’s possible to widen or narrow it down accordingly by creating several rows of edging.

You may even change the shape of the room by painting lighter round edges in a square or rectangular room.

Faux Tray Ceiling Paint Ideas

The best-looking of the double tray is the one that is based on painting only the inner edges – the trays using darker shades of basic paint colors or even the contrast one.

If you’re a big fan of colorful ceiling paint, then you may create the cells out of trays on the ceiling, put an individual spot light in its center and paint the sells using 4 or 3 colors. Or, create a chessboard using two main colors, but not necessarily white and black. Literally,  you may combine any colors you think look good together.

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