Decorative Kitchen Valances for Windows

Kitchen Valances for Windows

Valances for kitchen are the most popular decorations today. It is an elegant element of decoration invented by the Frenchmen.

It can be made of a thick fabric and selected brush, fringes and frills are used as additional decorations. In comparison to curtains, valances shouldn’t cover the whole window.

Valance for Kitchen Window

Their length should not be more than 1/5 of the height of the window and the width is selected according to the width of the curtain rod.


Modern Curtains and Valances

Modern Kitchen Curtains and Valances

They are very useful at home. Window valances for kitchen have not only decorative, but also practical function.


Kitchen Tiers

Kitchen Tiers and Valances

They can hide some defects of a curtain rod or a window opening. With their help it is possible to change the proportions of the window and a room in general.

Valance Curtains for Kitchen

Kitchen valances for windows are divided into three groups: rigid, soft and combined types.


Kitchen Swags

Kitchen Swags and Valances

Rigid type is a complex shape drapery made of thick fabric. Such a pelmet should be tight enough so that it could keep the selected shape and could be fixed in a certain position.


Country Valance

Country Valances for Kitchen

There should be a special strip in front of the curtain rod to fix such kind of pelmet. Pelmet is fixed to the curtain rod with a special adhesive tape. There is a more modern way of fixing such pelmets. Now they are usually attached with eyelets.

I have some more French country valances for you, which has bright sunny colors style.


Kitchen Drapes

Kitchen Drapes and Valances

Soft pelmets do not require fixation in the same position. Soft tissue is used for their production. They are very flexible and easily draped.

Kitchen Valances for Windows

Combined type of pelmets is a combination of two previous types. These valances can be quite large. They are additionally decorated with various decorative elements.

Such combinations are used to decorate the windows of large dimensions. Also, combined pelmets are appropriate in the kitchens with high ceilings.

Kitchen Window Valance Ideas

Manufacturers produce different colors: white, black, blue, green, yellow, red valances for kitchen windows. But choosing the one for your kitchen take into account the general design of the room.

Valances for Kitchen Windows


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