Soccer Themed Birthday Party

Soccer Themed Birthday Party Ideas Supplies, Decorations and Invitations

Soccer birthday party is one of the most popular events among the boys aged 7-10 and even 12-14. So, if you want to make an interesting and memorable evening for your child, choose this theme without any doubts.

Soccer Themed Birthday Party Ideas


Boy’s Soccer Themed Birthday Party


The most popular colors for soccer decorations for birthday party are white, green and black or the colors of the favorite team. The table can be covered with green tablecloth, resembling football field. Today it is possible to find ceramic, glass or plastic dishes with a football design in the shops.

Girls Soccer Birthday Party

Such table setting will immediately transform the room, clearly reflecting the theme of the event. You can make garlands of paper or fabric.


Indoor Soccer Birthday Party

Indoor Soccer Birthday Party

If you wish, you can make a wall newspaper using football magazines and pictures of relatives and friends of the child celebrating his birthday. Glue it all on a large sheet of paper, make funny captions and hang on the wall. White and green balloons are perfect for decoration too.


Soccer Paper Lanterns Decorations

Soccer Paper Lanterns Decorations for Birthday Party

Football paper lanterns are a great decorative item for this celebration.


Football Party Concession Stand

Football Party Concession Stand

There is an interesting idea how to meet little guests. When you see a guest approaching you should shout in the voice of sports commentator announcing the coming of a new player on the field.


Soccer Birthday Party Supplies

Soccer Birthday Party Supplies Green Black White

Children will be pleasantly surprised. As for menu it should be tasty and healthy. But the special thrill of the evening will be a cake in the form of a ball.


Soccer Birthday Party Favors

Soccer Cupcakes Birthday Party Favors

Chocolate Covered Soccer Oreos

Chocolate Covered Soccer Oreos


Soccer Theme Party Game

Soccer Theme Party Games

Children will not sit at one place, so think about the games and competitions for them. You can use soccer birthday party ideas offering such games as playing football, soccer quiz and other active games.

For example, there is a game called “Who is faster?”. You will need 2 shirts, 2 pairs of leggings, 2 pairs of flaps, 2 wristlets. The one who puts it on first is the winner and gets the prize. Your kid will remember this event with a smile.


Soccer Birthday Party Printables & Invitations

Free Printables for Soccer Birthday Party

Preparation for the party includes invitations, decorations, festive menu and games. Let’s consider everything step by step. So, soccer birthday party invitations can be made in the form of a football, T-shirts or football field.


Time Out Treats Soccer Snack Printables

Time Out Treats Soccer Snack Printables

You can invite kids like real sportsmen and request them to come to the training camp at birthday. You can add a keychain of a football ball to each invitation.


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