Cool Science Birthday Party Ideas

Science Birthday Party Ideas

If your child is not more a toddler but rather a teenager who likes learning, doing experiments and forming hypothesis it seems like a science birthday party would be the most interesting kind of celebration for him or her.

Science Themed Birthday Party Ideas

On the other hand, such celebration can get other children excited about studying too. Just imagine fun science experiments and interesting learning activities like a jolly game. It might be as fascinating as useful for them.


Bubbling Beakers

Science Birthday Party Ideas Bubbling Beakers

Science Birthday Party Ideas via Step Momming.

Here are some hints and tips about arranging the occasion. You can start realizing your science birthday party ideas by sending out your thematic invitations 2-3 weeks before the event.


Science Projects for Kids Birthday Party

Science Projects for Kids Birthday Party

via The Suburban Mom

During the period you will have enough time to craft proper decorations, to prepare fun activities and to get the party favors ready and packed.

And the one day before the event you might make a catalyst cupcakes, other food and drinks and, of course, put your decoration up.


Science Experiments for Birthday

Science Experiments for Birthday Parties

via hwtm

Now it is the time to plan your science activities. Among your science birthday party experiments can be the next: making invisible ink and writing a secret letter.

Usually teens keen on the entertainment. Or, may be, you will find more appropriate taking photos with props, or conducting Franken worms experiment, or something else what you can suggest and arrange.


Jelly Bean Color Experiment

Jelly Bean Color Experiment for Birthday Party

via Crafty Morning

Put jelly beans in circle plate and pour water in the middle. After some time it will spread to the middle.


Mad Scientist Party Accessories

Mad Scientist Party Accessories Ideas

Except of usual party’s staff you may need some extra equipment. For your science lab birthday party might be useful such things as beakers, tubes, safety goggles and lab coats, microscopes, clipboards, magnifying glasses etc.


Mad Science Birthday Party Decor

Mad Science Birthday Party Decor

Science Party Decorations and Favors

Science Party Decorations

Good idea is to label the table “weird science”. A yellow sign like “Safety Glasses Must Be Worn at All Times” and a banner like “Caution, Mad Scientists at Work” at your front door” will work great too.



Boys Laboratory Science Birthday Party Invitations

Boys Laboratory Science Birthday Party Invitations

by Spaceships and Laser Beams

Moreover, perhaps you will find a large periodic table of elements as a suitable decoration on the wall.


Food & Appetizers

Mad Scientist Ice Cream Lab

Mad Scientist Ice Cream Lab

Serve up a delicious ice cream and learn with some fun, this idea by Left Brain Craft Brain.


Science Party Birthday Cake

Science Party Birthday Cake

Incredible science themed cake via Twinkle Twinkle Little Party, which is looks just an awesome and taste good as well for sure.


Mad Scientist Party Food Appetizers

Mad Scientist Party Food Appetizers

These appetizer ideas by Michelle’s Party Plan-it, will trick your little ones into learning. Have fun everyone!


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