Ways To Reuse A Plastic Bottles

Clever Ways To Reuse A Plastic Bottle

The hazard of plastic bottles is now widely known all over the world. Many people know that plastic, that floats in the oceans, is eaten by animals and they often die.

To help the planet with solving this problem you may find a new way of applying the used bottles. Reuse plastic bottles and turn them into cups for pens or fiber pens, flower pots for growing plants etc.

Watery cans or piggy banks may also be made from these empty and unnecessary bottles and even save you some money.

Different kinds of containers and even cute lamps for children or for your garden may also be created from these plastic things. So, take care about nature and your money!


Plastic Bottle Herb Garden

DIY Plastic Bottle Herb Garden

DIY plastic bottle herb garden via Grillo Designs – really simple and cute craft.


Jewelry Stand

Do it Yourself Jewelry Stand

Do it yourself jewelry stand via EPBOT enjoy munching on these.


Water Bottle Flower Container

Water Bottle Flower Container

Water bottle flower container as attractive garden ornaments via Crissy’s Crafts.


Phone Holder Charger

Plastic Bottle Phone Holder Charger

Plastic bottle phone holder charger via Make It Love It everything you need is right in your craft room!


Drip Irrigation System Made

DIY Drip Irrigation System Made from Plastic Bottles

DIY drip irrigation system made from plastic bottles via Curbly.


Hedgehog Planters

Make Cute Hedgehog Planters for Your Garden from Plastic Bottles

Make cute hedgehog planters for your garden from plastic bottles via Dip Feed.


DIY Plastic Bottle Organizer

DIY Plastic Bottle Organizer

DIY plastic bottle organizer via A Little Craft in Your Day.


Packaging for Cupcakes

Recycled Packaging for Cupcakes Cookies and Macarons

Recycled packaging for cupcakes, cookies and macarons via Paper Plate and Plane.


No Sew Zipper Cases

No Sew Zipper Cases from Old Soda or Water Bottles

No sew zipper cases from old soda or water bottles via Make it Love it.


Bottle Bird Feeder

Soda Bottle Bird Feeder

Soda bottle bird feeder via Kelly Leigh Creates.


10 Clever Ways To Reuse A Plastic Bottle



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