15+ Magnificent Paper Sculpture Ideas


Magnificent Paper Sculpture Ideas

Paper art sculpture is an original and amazing piece of decoration. There are many famous sculptors working with this fragile and light material. Among them one can find the names of Li Hongbo, Calvin Nicholls, Jeff Nishinaka, Tauba Auerbach, Anna-Wili Highfield and others.


Amazingly realistic modern paper art sculpture

Anna-Wili Highfield has become famous with her recycled paper art sculpture. She sews together her creations.

And there appear unique, amazing animals and birds (from giant, life-size horses to tiny birds).

Paper Sculpture Wall Art

The works of Li Hongbo can be stretched and bent. The author keeps this secret, but if one gets a better look at the sculptures at the moment of their stretching and bending, it is possible to notice that they consist of thousands of white papery pieces.

Li Hongbo uses special “rubber” glue, which is usually used for the manufacture of traditional Chinese toys made of soft paper.

By the way, these toys inspired the sculptor to create an art project Pure White Paper.

Japanese Paper Sculpture Art

Paper sculpture art by Calvin Nicholls is well-known all over the world and deserves special attention.

Canadian sculptor Calvin Nicholls devoted more than 25 years of his life to his favorite trade. The creation of incredibly realistic animal sculptures takes the main place in his creative activity.

His popular papery zoo includes a great variety of wild animals, such as bears, lions, pandas, owls, zebras, lynx and others.

Recycled Paper Art Sculpture

Using metal and wooden tools sculptor creates three-dimensional and deep images carefully treating all the details for maximum effect.

The process of making papery creatures begins with sketching the animal in its natural habitat.

Paper Mache Sculpture Art

Then the sculptor cut out a silhouette or particular part of the future figure using cardboard.

After that, with the help of a scalpel master makes small papery parts and attach them to the hard frame, giving it the necessary form and texture.

Every feather, every strand of fur is made accurately and carefully. Every detail is important.

His animals and birds collection of 3d paper sculpture art consists of 75 surprisingly detailed and realistic works, which can be admired in the library Follett in Chicago.

Paper Art Book Sculptures


Paper mache sculpture as a decor for home and yard

Paper Mache Human Sculpture

Paper mache sculpture is the easiest way to make your creative fantasies come true.

Paper Mache Fish Sculpture

Such decorations can be used both indoor and outdoor. One can find little animals, dwarves, storks and elephants, different heroes of fairy tales, which will make the interior fabulous and interesting.

Paper Mache Mushroom Sculpture

It is necessary to mention popular paper mache sculpture artists. So, they are Will Kurtz (America), Roman Shustrov (Russia), Brittany Austin (America) and others.

For example, the works of Will Kurtz are now presented in Mike Weiss Gallery in New York. Despite the classical paper mache, his works are very realistic and natural.

He depicts animals and people. If we get a closer look at the figures, depicting people in life-size, we will notice even baggy skin below the eyes, double chins, worn out clothes, excess weight and other drawbacks.

Moreover, Kurtz does not use paint to create these works on purpose- only natural colors and texts that were in the original newspapers.

Moreover, Will Kurtz deliberately portrays poor, old, homeless, sick people. Thus, he emphasizes the society’s attitude towards them, which, in fact, throws out these people as it throws out old newspapers and magazines.

Paper Mache Chicken Sculpture

Before making paper mache sculpture, it is necessary to prepare the right materials.

Paper Mache Dog Sculptures

Newspaper is usually used as a basic material.

Paper Mache Horse Sculpture

As adhesive components one can use carpenters glue, paste or PVA glue. To improve the strength characteristics of the sculpture, it is advisable to use reinforcing materials.

Paper Mache Figure Sculpture

These can be a gauze and plastic mesh, which is laid between the layers of paper mache.

Chicken Wire Sculpture Paper Mache

If you are going to use this decoration for the garden, it is necessary to bear in mind the impact of precipitation as rain or morning dew.

Paper Mache Wolf Sculpture

That is why, if you want to extend the life of paper mache art sculpture, it should be thoroughly primed with a water-repellent filler.

Paper Mache Lion Sculpture

And several layers of lacquer should be also applied after painting.

15+ Magnificent Paper Sculpture Ideas


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