Best Fireplace Mantels and Surrounds

Fireplace Mantels and Surrounds

Contemporary fireplace mantels are traditionally considered to be visiting cards of the house, so a special attention should be paid to their design.

People usually like to place here family photos, a collection of souvenirs from different countries, a special clock or just candles and beautiful vases with flowers.

Such shelves may have very simple or complex design. Therefore, it is important to get to know more information about all styles and materials before making a purchasing decision.


How to Choose Contemporary Fireplace Mantel

Contemporary Fireplace Mantels Designs

Contemporary shelves may be made of such materials as stone, wood, metal and ceramics. For many years contemporary wood fireplace mantels are considered to be one of the most popular ones.

Contemporary Wood Fireplace Mantels

Such kinds of wood are used in this case: oak, cherry, pine, mahogany, nutwood or maple, as well as tropical wood species, which differ in appearance, quality and properties.

Wood Fireplace Mantel Shelves

Depending on the type of chosen material, the color of the final product may vary from light golden to dark brown. In the manufacture of such shelves, they are treated with a special agent protecting this piece of furniture from heat.

Of course, stone is also popular. Stone products are known with their durability, combinability with other materials, easiness in cleaning and natural colors.

Contemporary Fireplace Mantels and Surrounds Ideas

The choice of the fireplace mantel also depends on the general style of the room. Designer offer many contemporary fireplace mantels designs which can be used by everyone. Wooden shelf is a perfect variant for “country” style, while stone is good for “cottage” style.

Contemporary Fireplace Surrounds and Mantels

Ceramic and wood are considered to be ideal materials to create shelves in Victorian style. For those who want to have an antique shelf of Renaissance period, granite or marble can be used.

Contemporary Fireplace Mantel Shelves

So, contemporary fireplace mantels and surrounds should be paid a special attention to. The shape of such a shelf depends directly on the model of the fireplace. The most common are U-shaped or trapezoidal variants, but sometimes there may be other more sophisticated ones.


Types of Contemporary Fireplace Surrounds

Contemporary Fire Surround Designs

They are able to emphasize the elegance and unique charm of your home, so it is impossible to imagine a chimney corner without them nowadays.

Contemporary Fireplace Surrounds Designs

I have for you great variety of contemporary fireplace ideas, so you can choose the one you like most of all. Making your choice, you should rely on your taste and general design of the room.

They can be made of natural materials (stone, brick, metal, wood) and artificial materials (polyurethane, gypsum board, MDF, plastic). Consist of side legs, a top shelf and a base.

Fireplace Surround Ideas Modern

The most popular portals for chimney corners are the ones made of marble. It allows creating unique patterns and shapes. And the palette of colors is also impressive: white, beige, gray, emerald-green, malachite, brown and many others.

Contemporary fireplace mantels and surrounds made of marble have many advantages: easiness of operation and maintenance, high durability, long service life, good heat accumulation, great combinability with any style and interior. They are environmentally friendly and have a favorable effect on the human body.

Fireplace Mantel Durrounds Ideas

If you plan to make fireplace surrounds designs by yourself, you should pay attention to the portals made of polyurethane.

Decorative parts made of polyurethane are easy to fix with one’s own hands. You can use glue or self-tapping screws for this purpose.

The advantages of polyurethane decor include the following aspects. The elements are resistant to mechanical effects and high temperatures. It is allowed to use polyurethane portals for fireplaces (wood and gas) with “live fire”.

Polyurethane ready-made portal is a very convenient and relatively inexpensive way of facing. If you want, it is possible to add moldings, consoles, garlands and other interesting elements. The main thing is not to be afraid to show imagination and creativity at decoration.


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