25 Gorgeous Modern Fireplace Design Ideas

Modern Fireplace Design Ideas


Remarkable modern fireplace mantels for your house

Nowadays modern fireplace mantels come in a diversity of design. It is very substantial part of a hearth, which takes a lot of attention due to being a focal feature.

Having a fireplace is a pleasure. It is a dream of many people, because you acquire not just a crucial part of interior decor, but an inviting area around that.

It draws us the idyllic image with a checkered blanket, a cup of tea and a rocking chair. Fire helps to relax, meditate and think about good. It will warm you and create cozy atmosphere during cold months.

Modern Fireplace Mantels and Surrounds

You can not diminish importance of modern fireplace mantels and surrounds, because they give additional adornment, transform any usual place into elegant, help you fireplace to match to a room.

You should choose one, which will be appropriate for you. This decorative element can bring you rustic charm, the elegance of the 19th century or gives an atmosphere of medieval times.

Modern Wood Fireplace Mantels

With modern fireplace mantels designs you can get more working space. An abundance of options is huge. A mental shelf can be of different sizes, colors, shapes. Romantic books, candles, little statues on it will make you room charming.

Contemporary Mantels Fireplace Surrounds

Marble, stone, iron are good materials, but he most popular now are modern wood fireplace mantels. Of course, it is very traditional, durable. Different sorts of trees can be used for production. You can choose or to order high-end one at a workshop.

Modern Home Fireplace Mantels

This material is easy to design, any detail can be easy carved, embellished, and painted. When you deal with a good craftsman, he can advise you better decisions than you came up with.

Modern Fireplace Mantels Designs

You are able to make it by yourself also, create your own peace of art and be proud of it every time when you show this to visitors. However, professionals should install it.

Modern Mantels for Fireplace


Modern fireplace surrounds for a beautiful coziness

Modern fireplace surrounds are vital details.  For many years people used a hearth just to keep warmth in their places. This approach is vanished in centuries. Innovative ideas, materials, evolution of industry, and trends transformed it into a significant part of home interior design. Mostly it has a decorative value.

Modern Fireplace Surrounds Mantels

Modern fireplace surrounds design ideas are focused to make a fireplace the focal point of whole room, or even all house. It should be eye catching, not simple. Classic materials as wood, stone or combination of them offer stunning look. Stainless steel is a great mixture with fire. Coldness and heat together will mesmerize everyone.

Modern Fireplace Surrounds Design

You are free to choose shapes, colors, styles. Modern fireplace surrounds mantels can be sleek and add elegance in this way. Textured one, which covers considerable part of a wall, creates spectacular look. Simple one are very neat. You can have pompous, extraordinary marble mental. Engraved quotes in latin language will add sturdy immemorial appearance.

Modern Fireplace Surround Design Ideas

In case you want to save you money, but provide you house with charming beauty in any way. A relatively cheap decision are modern fireplace tile surrounds.

Modern Fireplace Surrounds Ideas

It works well with any interior space and looks good. Materials of tiles include marble, slate, ceramic, etc. Sizes of slabs are from large to tiny squares. Type, shape are totally up to you.

Modern Fireplace Tile Surrounds

Color is the main point for creating style. Be attentive to pick it. Popular one is a brick pattern with grout. Many people find this very attractive and traditional.

Some tiles are difficult to clean and sustain, for instance, porous one needs much efforts to be in its initial state. But polished are easy to wash with any detergent.

You can install it by yourself. Take into account, this job needs time, patience and attention to details. Maybe better to involve professionals.


Charming modern outdoor fireplace in the patio

Modern Outdoor Fireplace Inserts

It is great to have a modern outdoor fireplace for your patio or a garden, or any outdoor living space. It creates a cozy gathering area. Parties near it will be fabulous for sure.

It is a very entertaining thing for a company or for one person. It will give you an opportunity to spend comfortable, warm hours in cold evenings, enjoying fire.

Modern Outdoor Fireplace Kits

A hearth can be made from different materials such as iron, copper, clay, aluminum, steel and various kinds of stone. For burning you can use wood, natural gas, propane, biofuel. There are plenty of modern outdoor fireplace ideas. Just search for one, which is suitable for you.

Modern Outdoor Gas Fireplace

Some people are pragmatic. Just a beautiful device is not enough for them. It should be pretty and functional.

Modern Outdoor Fireplace Table

Modern outdoor fireplace table is perfect, sensible decision for practical purposes. As a result, you do not face a choice: coffee table or a fireplace? Advanced technology and creative design ideas create this little miracle for your joy. Contemplating flames and roasting marshmallows – what can be better? Some types can be transformed into a barbecue.

Modern Outdoor Fireplace Designs

It is a beautiful place to gather around with your friends for pleasurable conversations. Inventors provided reliable protection from fire incidents.

Contemporary Outdoor Fireplace Plans

There are some very high-tech kinds, which are able to provide you with different modes of burning from smoldering to strong fire or effect of a candle. As a rule, they use biofuels.

Contemporary Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

If you like to make things by yourself, modern outdoor fireplace kits is for you. Choose a place, where you are doing to build it. A safe distance from a garage, house or a shed, hanging branches is necessary.

There are two types: masonry and modular.  First one is constructed from stone or brick. Second consists of several large fragments that fit together.

Modern Outdoor Fireplace Ideas


What you should know about modern stone fireplace

Modern Stone Fireplace Surround

A modern stone fireplace looks magnificent at any home. It adds visual appeal and makes a space more refined. It is a must-have of nowadays. It creates a mood of a country or medieval time and date back you to past centuries. Colors can vary. A choice totally up to you.

Modern Stacked Stone Fireplace

Modern stone fireplace wall ideas are abundant. It will surprise you with its diversity. You can install a bookcase and make even more romantic atmosphere or personalize your fireplace and set big photo of yourself. A common idea is setting a TV above. Take into account that the heat radiation should not reach TV.

Modern Stone Fireplace Designs

Stone hearths have one significant drawback. It is the inability to hang or put things on its surface. It is limited for decoration.

Modern Stone Fireplace Mantels

Therefore, if you want a space for a thing placement, modern stone fireplace mantels come in handy. Shelves can be thick or thin and be placed almost whenever you want. Candlesticks will look amazing there.

Modern Stone Fireplace Ideas

Another option is a modern stacked stone fireplace. It can stretch up to the ceiling or be small. A tall one helps to create an accent wall. As you can notice, it can be located in different areas of a room. For instance, in a corner, that is the best decision for a small apartment.

Modern Stone Fireplace Wall Ideas

Pay attention to quality of bricks. Absence of cracks, flaws is important. The good way to check it’s a suitability is a hammer knocking. All is good, if it makes a clear sound. A thud one will inform you that thermal processing has been incomplete. Another problem may be a violation of drying technology, it displays with white spots.

All this means that bricks are easy subjected to distraction. In addition, they have to be good concreted for preventing a possibility of the stone loosening.


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