Living Room with Fireplace Layout Ideas

It is really hard to find a single person, who has never dreamed of a living room with fireplace. Most of us only think of it and do nothing to make this dream come true.

Living Room with Fireplace Layout Ideas

But what keeps you from finding courage and inspiration to create an ideal room with admirable hearth? So get your thoughts together and begin.

Living room with fireplace – our common dream

Living Room with Fireplace Layout Ideas

Don’t worry if your flat or house isn’t big and wide. Fireplaces can be found not only in mansions.

Living Room with Fireplace Decorating Ideas

Sometimes small living room with fireplace looks far from the mark, but it is a question of right positioning and style.

Small Living Room with Fireplace

Think through all the details: from position and design of mantelpiece to surroundings. As there is not much space, try to pick a compact mantelpiece and don’t congest it with details.

Living Room Setup with Fireplace

It goes without saying that decorating living room with fireplace is not less important than setting it.

Long Living Room with Fireplace

Try to come up with new ideas, don’t follow cliches like candlestick or family photo in a bright frame.

Modern Living Room with Fireplace

If you are hunter, hang your rifle or hunting trophy. Some sportsmen and football players put their champion cups on the mantelpiece to show achievements to their visitors.

Living Room Arrangements with Fireplace

Symbolic objects may also be used as they have some inner meaning and interesting story about it.

Living Room Ideas with Corner Fireplace

Now you will have at least one topic for discussion with your guests.

Living Room with White Fireplace

Pots with plants look nice, but make sure that heat will not do any harm to them.

Living Room with Fireplace Design Ideas

In modern hi-tech apartment interior designers decorate living room with tv and fireplace.

Narrow Living Room with Fireplace

TV above brick or stone mantelpiece combines two epochs, two generations: ancient time and modern one.

Living Room Ideas with Brick Fireplace

How you can see photo above with red bricks fireplace is look really awesome and unique. Check some more of my painted fireplace ideas which you can easily make back home, all what you need just follow all that simple steps in my post.

On the contrary, if your fireplace is electric, with remote control and different heating rates, a TV-set above it will underline the modernity of your flat. Move your sofa in front of it and enjoy your weekends.

Living Room with TV and Fireplace

Living Room with Fireplace Layout Ideas


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