Materials For Outdoor Rugs

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An outdoor rug is an inconspicuous accessory designed to detain small debris, street dirt, dust at the threshold. That’s why we should pay serious attention to the choice of materials for outdoor rugs.

Best Matetials For Rugs

The materials must be durable in the first place. But each has its unique characteristics. Find out which materials are better for your floor rugs and how to care for them.


Synthetic Fibers

Synthetics are the best choice for outdoor rugs because of their optimal characteristics:

  • Thanks to its attractive design, synthetic rugs will easily accentuate the entrance to your home;
  • Rugs are distinguished by high wear resistance, do not lose shape and color;
  • Compliant with environmental standards;
  • Rugs keep any types of pollution from getting into the house well: small debris, dirt, sand, dust, water.

Here I list the best synthetic materials for outdoor rugs.

Small Rugs For Patio

Polyester. Any synthetic material for these rugs is very strong and waterproof. But if you want to find the best solution in terms of price and durability, choose polyester. The material is resistant to fading, weather, and mildew.

Outdoor Polyester Rugs

The exception is oil stains, which are more difficult to clean. That’s why it’s better not to use such a rug under an outdoor dining table.

Nylon. Due to its strength and elasticity, designers use nylon in outdoor decoration.

Nylon For Outdoor Rug

Nylon is often combined with an olefin to create a soft, weather-resistant fabric perfect for patio rugs. Buy such material for dry climate and shaded crowded places.

Polypropylene For Outdoor Rugs

Polypropylene.This material is very durable, strong, and waterproof. It does not absorb moisture from rain. The fiber does not grow mold and mildew, making it a good choice for humid weather. Polypropylene also copes well with sunlight.

Outdoor Rug

That’s why your rug from polypropylene will not fade in time. So its vibrant look will please you from season to season. There are different colors, patterns, and textures of polypropylene rugs.


Natural Fibers

No matter how high-quality and durable synthetics are, natural materials will always be in demand. For outside rugs, several types of materials are used.

Bamboo. Such rugs will become an integral design element for a home in a dry climate. They are durable, allergen, and fire-resistant. You can clean bamboo easily because of its smooth surface.

Bamboo Outdoor Area Rug

Sisal.It is the strongest natural fiber that can handle high foot traffic. Please note that the surface of these rugs is quite rough.

Natural Rug Sisal

Therefore, it is not suitable if you have children who like to run wild barefoot. Also, the material absorbs moisture. It’s better to use the sisal rug only for indoor patios.

Sisal Materials For Rugs

Jute. It is an environmentally friendly fiber that is mainly produced from plant stems. Natural fibers absorb moisture.

Best Natural Jute Rugs

Therefore, when wet, mold forms on the jute. This kind of rug is more difficult to clean.
To make it last as long as possible, it should be vacuumed regularly and used only on indoor patios.


How to Care of a Rugs

To make the rug last even longer and retain its attractive appearance, you should take proper care of it.

How To Care For Outdoor Rugs

The care depends on the material of the outdoor rug. There are a few common tips:

  1. Natural materials absorb moisture. For this reason, do not use water and steam to clean them. Take a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and small debris;
  2. Synthetic fibers do not absorb moisture. Therefore, you can use water and detergents to clean these rugs;
  3. After washing, the synthetic rug should be air-dried to avoid unpleasant odors.

How to Clean Outdoor Rug

So, my dear friends, thank you for reading my article and very hope that it will help you choose the best outdoor rug. See you!!!


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