Jungle Safari Birthday Party Ideas

Jungle Safari Birthday Party Ideas

Safari birthday party is actual at any age and may be organized both for children and for adults. Anyway the preparation should be started much earlier if you want everything to be on a higher level.


Jungle 1st Birthday Party

Jungle 1st Birthday Party

Organizing such an even everything should be thought out to the last details. So, safari birthday party invitations should have jungle pictures, African animals or people living there.

Invitations may look like tickets for safari in which the date, time and place of the event should be mentioned. Don’t forget to write about dress code (for example, “a tourist costume” or “suit for safari”). The guests can have face painting.


Jungle Birthday Party Supplies


Jungle Birthday Party Theme

Jungle Birthday Party Theme

All necessary ideas concerning the decoration of safari themed birthday party lie on the surface. First, you can use any striped elements – tablecloths, mats, balloons, table napkins.

Striped theme choose according to your taste: it may be black and white, like a zebra or orange and black, like a tiger. Add more green plants (palms, lianas, tropical plants) to make the atmosphere of jungles.


Wild One Birthday Jungle Party

Wild One Birthday Jungle Party

It is possible to make pointers and fix them on the wall (for example, Zimbabwe – 4000 km, the Sahara Desert – 5000 km). Animal tracks cut out of paper can be glued to the floor using double-sided tape.

The following items can be used as holiday decorations for interior: compasses, binoculars, old suitcases and backpacks. To create a themed table appointments one can use “canvas” cloth or tablecloth with predatory print (zebra, leopard, etc.).


Jungle Birthday Party Food


Cute Monkey Cupcakes

Jungle Birthday Party Cute Monkey Cupcakes

So, you’ve decorated the house, but there is one more important task – to make the evening funny and bright. There are so many safari birthday party ideas which may be used by you.

First of all, choose a good music so your guest could dance and just listen to it with pleasure. Organize different games and competitions. For example, to pitch a tent, to dance Chunga-Changa, to get bananas from the tree. Don’t let your guests sit at one place!


Animal Cupcake Toppers

DIY Animal Cupcake Toppers 1st Birthday Party


Best Jungle Safari Birthday Party Ideas



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