How to Throw Kids Spa Party

How to Throw the Cutest Kids Spa Party

Why make a kids spa party, when we can organize just a regular birthday event? Well, there are plenty of reasons. Historically, spa treatment was the healing and relaxing treatment with salt water or seawater, which was considered to have curative properties.


Best Kids Spa Party

Kids Spa Party Robes

The most important things that any spa treatment would give are relaxation, healing, comfort, the harmony of mind and body, and of course, rest and fun. It gives the feeling of luxury and comfort, creates beautiful memories.

Kids Spa Birthday Party Ideas

Luxury and fun are exactly what young girls need. They will love to feel special, to dress up like their moms and do all kinds of fashionable things. Therefore, let us help them create a special day, whether it is a birthday or other holiday as an amazing kids spa party at home.

Kids Spa Party Games

It can be homemade or set up with the help of a salon staff, hairdressers and other people trained in this area of services. The event should be organized in such a way that every girl will feel pampered and super beautiful and will have a lot of fun.

Kids Spa Party Food Ideas

No special occasion can go without super delicious food. Our party is not an exception, but here the treats should be extremely healthy.

Kids spa party food ideas may vary from super tasty snacks to fruit smoothies. Trays of beautifully arranged food, corn biscuits, chocolate and marsh mellow are just a small glance at what you can prepare.

Kids Mobile Spa Party

A well-organized celebration can be anything but boring. You can think of many kids spa party games and activities that will go well together with luxurious treatments.

Kids Spa Party at Home

Stylish design, unique atmosphere with aromatic candles and beautiful decorations will surely add to the impression. Your girl and her friends will be extremely glad and remember this event for a long time.

DIY Kids Spa Party


Spa Birthday Party Ideas

Spa Birthday Party Ideas for 13 Year Olds

Your child’s spa birthday party ideas should be funny and entertaining, and then everybody will enjoy the celebration and will remember the fun they had at your place.

Spa Birthday Party Cake Ideas

So, take the time and think about what you can do, search the internet for the suggestions. It is nice to choose a theme, for example, ocean, or a summer forest, and then make all your decorations, music and items match the topic, and it will look stylish.

Spa Birthday Party Ideas for 11 Year Olds

It may be entertaining to imitate a beauty salon and make a reception table where the girls will register. Of course, the primary activity your guests will participate in are beauty treatments.

10 Year Old Spa Birthday Party Ideas

You may divide your rooms into several beauty stations, where the guests can do face masks and makeup, manicure, foot relaxation and pedicure, and hair styling. Create your girls spa birthday party ideas for these activities and make them stylish and exciting.

Spa Birthday Party Ideas for 7 Year Olds

As a game, use a computer hairstyle and makeup programs to find out what hairdo and makeup will look good on each girl.

Experiment virtually with the length of the hair, hair color, makeup, clothes. By the end of the game, girls can have new ideas on their beauty, and their best pictures will be saved or printed.

Spa Birthday Party Food Ideas

There may be different spa day birthday party ideas for games, create your fashion show using pieces of brightly-colored fabric for innovative clothes design, or make homemade beauty products.

Spa Birthday Party Ideas 8 Year Old

Use funny and unpredictable spa birthday party food ideas for the snacks. Forget about the usual menu that the girls are accustomed to.

Make healthy and tasty snacks of your own design that will go along with the theme of the party. Do crafts with food, play with melted chocolate, and create individual funny dessert shapes from cookies, fruit, and crème.

Spa Birthday Party Ideas for 9 Year Olds


Planning a Spa Party

Spa Party Ideas for Little Girls at Home

A spa party for girls can be several times more exciting than any other special occasion. It is not easy to organize, though, because it will require a lot of space for different activity areas.

You will need friends to help you do all the preparations and the people who will assist the kids during the event. Be sure that all of your hard work will be paid off with the tremendous joy and fun of the celebration.

Spa Party for Girls at Home

You can choose to turn to mobile spa party for girls services instead, and let the specialists do the job for you. Mobile spa is a quite new concept. It means that the party can come to you, and the staff sets up all the decorations, according to your theme if you have one.

The event can be held at home, in a hotel, community center, and in any other place. The company brings all the décor, furnishings and supplies; the specialists provide complete spa treatments so in this case you do not have to worry about anything.

Spa Birthday Party for Girls

If you are planning to organize the event yourself, you will have to look for the decorations, all kinds of supplies, ideas for invitations, food, activities, crafts, and favors.

Make sure to create a plan and have a complete list of things you need to buy and to do. If you prepare everything and plan enough activities and relaxing beauty treatments, your spa birthday party for girls will go perfectly and create many lovely memories.

Girls Robes for Spa Party

Preparing the celebration yourself, of course, if you have enough time and friends willing to help, will bring much joy.

When the preparation is over, and you and your kids see the real beauty salon you have created together, they will be proud, and this itself will be a superb birthday present. Collect spa party ideas for girls and make them alive using your and the children’s creative talents.


Spa Party Supplies

Little Spa Party Supplies

What spa party supplies to buy, and how much will they cost? Maybe, this is the question you are puzzled with while planning a spa themed event for your kid.

Spa Slumber Party Supplies

Probably, you and the child are already thrilled with the expectations of a wonderful party. Though this celebration can be expensive, it also, with careful planning, may be a quite economical idea. Everything depends on what event you wish to hold and what choices you make.

Little Girls Spa Party Supplies

Let’s see what things to look for as little girls spa party supplies:

  • invitations;
  • decorations;
  • facial care things;
  • manicure supply;
  • pedicure things;
  • bed sandals and robes;
  • towels;
  • scented candles;
  • food;
  • craft material.

And if you have your own hot tub deck or jacuzzi make it then part of your relaxation party.

Spa Party Supplies for Tweens

The first thing that determines the cost of the event for you is how many spa day party supplies your guests are bringing with them.

Kids Spa Party Supplies

You can provide them with everything, including the towels, bathrobes, and sandals. On the other hand, you can suggest they bring their clothes, manicure and pedicure kits, and even food to share and have a potluck snack.

Spa Themed Birthday Party Supplies

In this case, as you see, the cost of the party for you drops tremendously. While preparing for the event, make sure that all the pedicure, manicure, and facial care sets are sterile and individual.

Girls Spa Party Supplies

Remember, that even if you are asking everyone to bring their things, you still need two or three additional ones for those who forget.

Spa Sleepover Party Supplies

Be careful choosing the supplies, because many of beauty products on the market are intended for adults, contain harmful chemicals, and may cause an allergy if used on kids.

Looking for kids spa party supplies, choose natural cosmetic products, suitable for children, or make homemade masks, crèmes, and lotions.

You can create organic cosmetics together with kids using yogurt, fruit, and berries; this procedure is safe and entertaining.

Pink Zebra Spa Party Supplies


Spa Party Favors

Spa Party Favors for Kids

Your spa party favors should be prepared and planned before the event starts, they will bring the joy of saying thank you to your guests. When your celebration is over, these small gifts will remind your friends the joy and fun of this special day.

Spa Birthday Party Favors

Preparing nice-looking presents for every guest, you can include a personalized thank-you card in it.Spa Themed Party Favors

Girls will enjoy your gifts for a long time if they contain something useful like makeup products, nail files, sponges, towels, soap or others. Remember that girls can never have too much of luxury beauty things.

Little Girls Spa Party Favors

As little girls spa party favors, you can use special-looking hair bands, body jewels, body glitter, lotions, scented candles, hats, slippers or flip-flops, or anything fancy.

Cookies, candies, lollipops or other eatable presents will remind your little guests of the sweet time they had at the celebration. You can attach a lovely tag with a recipe to the cookies or homemade candies.

Girls Spa Party Favors

If the kids make crafts during your party, their creations will add up to the presents. Kids can decorate things like flip-flops, towels, small jars for homemade spa treatments; make satin sleeping masks, tiaras, necklaces, rings or other spa themed party favors.

Thank-you personalized cards will bring priceless memories years after the party. You can place a photo in the design of the cards; there you can thank your friends and tell them how much you loved to spend this tremendous time together.

Kids Spa Party Favors

Spa party favors for kids can be placed in luxury-looking themed bags, which will make the little girls feel special. Whatever event you are hosting, be it your birthday or another special day, remember, that your goal should be to make each and every guest feel happy and cared for.

Take your time planning what beautiful, funny and useful presents your guests will take with them as they leave.

Spa Party Favors for Girls


Special Spa Party Invitations

Spa Slumber Party Invitations

Your spa party invitations may be as much unique and personalized as you wish; there is no limit to creativity. If you make beautiful cards, they will create the atmosphere of excitement and joy of the party even before it starts.

Printable Spa Birthday Party Invitations

Invitations help you gather guests to your special event; if you need to know how many of them will show up, ask in your invitation to call you and confirm that the person coming.

Little Girl Spa Party Invitations

There are many different ways to invite your friends to the celebration. To make creative, nice-looking kids spa party invitations, you can take pairs of slippers or flip-flops, headbands, sleep masks, or any part of clothing, which your guests will need at the event. Write the information on these things, or attach the cards to them.

Kids Spa Party Invitations

Another way to ask your friends to come is to give them a small package of lotion, crème, facial mask, or other beauty product, which will be used at the celebration. Attach a card with the information about your event.

Spa Party Invitations Templates Free

You even can make up a name for your spa place, draw a logo and ask your friends to participate in the opening of your new beauty salon. You also can find printable spa birthday party invitations that you like and use them.

DIY Spa Party Invitations

Clarify on the cards all the important questions concerning your event. Write the time and address, and maybe add a small map with directions. Mention what kinds of food will be served. This should help your guests to prepare, and if some of them have allergies, their parents will tell you.

Girls Spa Birthday Party Invitations

Another thing to write on the spa birthday party invitations is what kind of clothes your friends should wear and what things they should bring. Mention, if you are accepting the siblings and parents of your guests to the celebration, or not.

Free Printable Spa Birthday Party Invitations


Spa party decorations create superb atmosphere

Spa Birthday Party Decorations

Spa party decorations will transform your place into a fantastic spa salon with all its relaxing and luxury features. Hang the sheets in the room to separate one activity station from another, and to make the place look dreamy and different. Use Christmas lights for decoration on the sheets.

You will need candles, but probably using a small, candle-shaped led lamps would be a more safe idea.

Spa Themed Party Decorations

Arrange beautiful pillows, cushions, ribbons, paper shapes, balloons and other things as spa party decorations ideas. Protect your furniture and the floor from the stains with pieces of fabric with beautiful prints.

Girls Spa Party Decorations

Prepare the receptionist’s desk, where the guests will check in. Of course, you can use some real aromatic candles to fill the air with sweet fragrance. Turn on some relaxing music; it can be the songs that girls like, or just the sounds of the ocean, rain or summer forest.

Spa Party Decorations Homemade

Set up the stations for every activity that you plan to have in your party, this could be the manicure, pedicure, feet soak, face masks, massage, hair style, makeup, different crafts, and anything else you can think of.

Arrange the towels, robes, headbands, art materials and other things in lovely ornaments and shapes to make more kids spa party decorations. Set up several tables with food, where the girls can have snacks when changing from one activity to another.

Kids Spa Party Decorations

Beware of safety. If you use candles as spa themed party decorations, do it with caution. Use lamps instead of candles as much as possible. Make sure the water used for the feet soaks and other activities is not too hot.

Use of electrical devices should be checked and supervised by adults. Parents and relatives can serve as salon staff and help kids do the activities correctly and safely.

How to Throw the Cutest Kids Spa Party


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