How to Remove Paint from Brick

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Paint on the brick fireplace or wall might be beautiful once upon a time. Though now it looks old and shabby or you are just bored and are dreaming of something new and more attractive.

You do not know how to remove paint from brick efficiently. No worries. I am going to help you cope with this task with little effort.


Equipment That You Will Need

If you want to get rid of the tint inside your house, choose a non-caustic stripper for the paint. Make sure that it does not include harmful substances, for example, DCM (dichloromethane).

Buy one gallon of this material for 75 square feet if the surface is vertical.

To implement this DIY project, see whether you have the following tools and materials:

  • a putty knife;
  • plastic sheeting;
  • a paint brush;
  • steel wool;
  • a wire brush;
  • painter’s tape;
  • TSP;
  • kitchen gloves;
  • plastic bags;
  • a clean bucket;
  • a lead paint test kit.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and observe the precaution measures. Keep your protective clothing at hand. Work in the space with good ventilation.


Best Steps to Remove Brick Paint

Step 1. Test the tint on the wall or fireplace

Utilize the lead paint test kit. Slice a bit of coloration off the surface and get this sample tested in the laboratory. The lead check should be negative to proceed with a removal job. If this chemical is detected, hire a well-qualified contractor.


Steps to Remove Paint from Brick


Step 2. Tape down plastic sheeting on the floor

It should extend by at least 6 feet on the ground and 3 feet on the wall. Cover nearby furniture or any other belongings that cannot be taken away.

Step 3. Clean brick properly

Make a solution of the TSP and warm water in some clean bucket. Carefully clear out debris and soot from walls or fireplaces.

Step 4. Put the chosen stripper on the surface

Wear protective clothing and apply a tint stripper onto surfaces. Look whether it is thick. Thin layers will not make necessary influence because they dry too quickly.

Step 5. Scrabble the tint

Check the tint with a sharp knife to see whether it is still solid. Wait until it is soft equally on the whole area. A putty knife is enough then to take the tint away.

Now, scrub it away and put all the remains in a plastic trash bag.


Ways to Remove Brick Paint


Step 6. Put the necessary amount of stripper for the second time

It is important because some material can still remain after scraping. Leave the 2nd layer to sit for the next 4 hours at least.

Step 7. Remove all the leftovers of the tint

Scrub off the 2nd layer of a stripper with the same knife. Rub the brick immediately by using steel wool or a steel-bristle brush.


Easy Tips On 

Use the following tips that will help to remove brick’s paint:

  1. Slow down the process of drying by taping some plastic sheet over the implied surface you need;
  2. Layers of paint stripper which are thick enough always work better than thinner ones;
  3. Removing paint is hard work to do at one go, so divide your job in several sessions;
  4. Be attentive about how much time the stripper is set on the surface. Too little time will not allow for appropriate tint softening so you may experience difficulties while removing it. Waiting too long leads to hardening again;
  5. Divide a surface into smaller areas. When you have completed one section, you can move to another.


As you see, it is not so easy to remove paint from brick but it is a very rewarding process because after the job is completed, you will have a lot of space for creativity.


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