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Aren’t you bored with bare walls in the living room or bedroom? I would like to provide a good solution. Let’s talk about how to hang  a tapestry and bring more life and colour to the room design. I don’t imply that your bedroom should look like a royal palace, though.

I can recommend various ways to do it without leaving any traces.


Best Ways to Hang a Tapestry

A perfect tapestry should be fixed reliably to the wall.

So, get inspired with such methods of hanging as:

  • Using nails or pushpins;
  • Stretching over a frame;
  • Securing with Velcro;
  • Using a baseboard;
  • Hanging from a rod;
  • Framing it;
  • Creating a canopy;
  • Trying a poster hanger.

There may be some others to pick out from according to the situation.


How to Hang a Tapestry with Velcro Strips

This is the best method to use for rental spaces. It provides opportunities of avoiding holes in the wall.


Methods to Hang a Tapestry


It also works perfectly if the surface is curved and you do not want to damage the fabric with holes.

Use the following steps to do it easily:

  1. Decide on where you would like to see a gobelin.
  2. Put some marks on the surface to indicate the two top corners.
  3. Use a clean and flat surface to put the gobelin face down on it.
  4. Prepare Velcro strips by taking them out of the package and separating them.
  5. Attach strips to the fabric.
  6. Place the piece on the wall.
  7. Press it slightly and enjoy.


Is This Safe to Hang a Tapestry with Nails or Pushpins?

This is the easiest way to complete this DIY project. It works well for larger items. Though, remember that holes in the wall are inevitable.

You just hold a piece by corners and attach it with a row of nails or pushpins, stretching the fabric accordingly.

Spread them evenly for a better look. Pushpins result in smaller holes than nails, of course, so many homeowners and tenants prefer them.


Hang a Tapestry


Apart from some inconveniences with slight damage to surfaces, to hang a tapestry in this way is very safe and secure.

However, observe the rules and mind precautions. Be careful not to hurt your fingers with a hammer. Using a ladder should also be safe so it is better when you have a helper around rather than do everything alone.


How to Keep a Tapestry from Sagging?

Stretching the canvas evenly is the best way to prevent the tapestry’s sagging.

Ways to Hang Tapestry


If the fabric is too heavy or, on the contrary, too soft, it makes sense to stretch it over a frame.

Use a plywood board or wooden frame. Stretch the fabric over it, fold the ends, and attach them with a staple gun. Sawtooth hangers for pictures are very helpful for placing the frame on the wall.

Try to make the wood invisible if letting it be observable is not a part of the project. It is especially important when the fabric is thin.


Choose the method which needs minimum effort and is appropriate for present conditions. Place this item due to your taste and vision and enjoy it.


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