How to Overwinter Your Plants and Garden

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My dear friends, are you ready for a winter? Let’s take care of our gardens, trees and flowers together! Every plant or tree can overwinter badly and die. To do this, you need to protect your outdoor plants and trees so that they come healthy in the spring.

How to Prepare Trees For Snow

I collected here some simple tips on nice overwinter your plants and garden. If some flowers and plants cannot be transferred to the heat, then you can protect them in frost in other ways. Not all routes have to be expensive, for many you can use simple things: plastic bags, fallen leaves, tarpaulins, and so on.


How to Prepare Trees For Winter

Many trees tolerate winter well and don’t need to be cover. But if your region has severe frosts and snowfalls, then it’s better to protect your trees.

How To Overwinter Trees

Severe frosts affect roots, trunk, and branches.

Protect Trees From Winter Sunscald

Trees freeze and are damaged by rodents and other pests. A few simple rules to protect your trees in cold are as follows:

  • Whitewash trees before frost. Very important to use specific chalk or lime. Whitewash 1.5 meters up to the first skeletal branches. Protect such a coating from frost, pests, and overheating.
  • Sprinkle the place near the roots with ground; add about 30 cm of soil. It is necessary to insulate the area of ​​the trunk and roots so that severe frosts do not damage the root system.
  • Remove snow after severe frosts, because it becomes hard and dense. During thaws, the snow cover will melt and freeze again in bulk. Branches can break under the weight of such a coating, use a brush on a stick or a non-thick stick. For overwinter plants and garden, trample the snow near the roots. This will compact the snow and create a protective cover for root system.
  • Young fruit trees also need good protection. It’s fundamentally important to keep them in severe frosts.

How to Protect Bushes From Freezing

You can use foliage, twigs, felt, or plastic to cover the plant and wrap it in plastic.


Best Ideas to Overwinter Bushes

For overwintering your plants and garden, you need to think about the right ways. This is important in order to prevent harm from rodents, to protect bushes from damage to plant trunks, from sunburn from the second half of winter, from freezing of the root system and shoots.

Overwintering Plants And Garden

The methods of protection are the same as for trees, only here you also need to add recharge to the soil before the frost begins.

Protect Bushes From Frost

It is important to remember that junipers and spruces continue to couple moisture through the leaves, so it is important to cover them. To insulate the bushes, you can take sawdust, spruce branches, leaf, burlap, agrofibre and more.


Preparing Flower Bulbs for Cold

Your flowers also need warmth to survive winter and bloom again in spring. If your region is often snowy, then take care of overwinter all plants and garden before the cold weather.

Overwinter Flower Bulbs

Sprinkle the anemones with leaves, and the layer of leaves should be about 12 cm. Hyacinths are very tender and it is better to dig them out for the winter. If you leave them in the garden, cover them with a thicker layer of leaves.

Overwinter Lily Bulbs

Crocuses can be left without shelter, only varietal types need insulation. Lilies also better to cover with leaves, and daffodils can overwinter without a layer of insulation. Small-bulbous flowers also do not need covering, and it is better to cover tulips with a 15 cm layer of leaves.

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