How to Grow and Care for Mexican Petunias

How to Grow and Care for Mexican Petunias 940x788

These short street flowers are very popular because they grow quickly and are easy to maintain. So, if you want to know more information about how to grow mexican petunia, please read this my post.  Many experienced gardeners recommend growing these plants indoors if you have a cool climatic zone.

Such plants do not like the cold and temperatures around 5 degrees can be fatal. These petunias love sunlight but not direct rays. A great plant for a garden in warm climates and even in dry weather, it is resistant to heat so you do not need to water it abundantly.

Mexican Petunia Landscaping

Among all types of petunias, this type is unpretentious and resistant to drought. If you cut the dried stems and flowers, then the plant will delight you with its blooming for almost six months. Of course, like any plant (even the most unpretentious one), it also has simple rules for growing and caring for.


Growing Mexican Petunias from Seed

Collecting the seed capsules is better to do in the late autumn when they turn brown.

Mexican Petunia Seeds Example

You can hide them until spring after they dry. If you decide to sow the seeds immediately after drying, then they will quickly germinate in the ground. Many gardeners do not collect seeds; it is easier for them to buy it in the store before planting in the soil.

Tips How to Grow Mexican Petunias

The best time for planting is early spring. Undoubtedly, there are a few simple rules for growing such flowers from seeds:

  • You need to water abundantly while the seeds are sprouting;
  • When you will see small seedlings then thin out the areas between them;
  • Mexican petunia does not like tight planting; leave about 30 cm between the plants.


How to Plant Petunias

Apart from growing petunias from seed, you can also grow it using cuttings. This method is long, but the result is pretty quick. Through cuttings, your plant will produce many flowers faster than from seeds. There is also a way – growing through rhizomes and reproduction of petunias by division.

Mexican Petunia Flower in Nature

These plants grow well alongside other plant kinds. You can grow purple nearby verbena, sage, phlox, and chamomile or coral bells. Remember to water, this petunia type does not like over-watering (the soil must dry out between watering).

This petunia is similar to wild flowers, so it will grow comfortably around a pond, in the shade of trees or in swampy areas.


How to Care for Mexican Petunias

Surprisingly, the plant is drought tolerant but will also get healthy growth in wetlands.

How to Care for Mexican Petunias

If you took seedlings, then take care of them before transplanting into the soil (avoid direct sunlight, changes in moisture and temperature). The seeds also need good ventilation, not too hot or too cold place for storage. For cultivation, it is best to choose a well-drained soil.

If the stems of the plant are green, then it grows in the shade, for proper and beneficial growth, they must be purple.

Mexican Petunias Grow from Seed

After planting in the ground, you need to add some compost to fertilize it. Mexican petunias are easy to care for. You can plant them in the corner of your garden and water them as needed. To always get a lush bloom, it is necessary to remove dry leaves and dried flowers with garden scissors.


Best Landscaping with Petunias

Such plants bloom with beautiful small flowers, so you can create unique flower arrangements. Also, these petunias can be grown near other flowers or mixed with other types of petunias.

You can create a hedge to highlight the paths. You may also grow these flowers in their own flower beds or flower pots.

Best Pink Mexican Petunias

Choose the right size to put it on your porch or veranda. Larger shrubs can be planted in the garden or near the gazebo and patio. If you regularly cut the stems, then the plant will not be tall and you can decorate your home interior.

Thank you, my dear friends for reading and now you know more about how to grow mexican petunias!


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