How to Grow Garlic Indoors and Out

How To Grow Garlic

Do you know how to grow garlic for yummy chisken with garlic  or garlic bread? Oh my God, yep its sooo tasty! What about growing fresh green garlic?  You can grow it in the country or at home by choosing convenient wide containers. Of course, its easy to buy it at any store or market. But your own herbs and spices will bring you more pleasure. Almost all gardeners grow green onions, parsley, and other herbs.


How to Grow Garlic Outdoors

Growing garlic in the backyard or garden is quite simple, but better to observe the timing of planting in the ground. There is a spring type that needs to be planted in the ground when the snow melts.

How to Plant Garlic

This is usually the end of March but no later than mid-April. This garlic has a longer shelf life and has a sharper and richer taste. If you have taken the winter type, then it should be planted in mid-September to mid-October.

How to Grow Garlic Outdoor

It is important here that the roots grow and harden before frost. This process takes about 3-4 weeks. The winter type is larger and its shelf life is shorter – about 3 months.

It is better to plant winter garlic at a distance of 12-15 cm from each other. And the distance between the spring varieties is better to make 6-8 cm. Water the soil after planting so that the garlic receives moisture for the proper growth of the root system.


Growing Garlic in Containers

Not many people hesitate to grow indoor garlic in a container because it will be small and may not always grow properly.

How to Grow Garlic in Pots

It is better to put the container on the sunny side, but make sure that the roots do not heat up.

Growing Garlic in Pots

Make a drainage system, because a lot of moisture in the soil can lead to root rot. So I collected easy tips on growing garlic in pots:

  • Don’t place garlic on a balcony or loggia. It’s too hot in there and it cann’t grow properly;
  • For cultivation, you can take bulbs from the last season, but choose only the largest ones;
  • The landing season will be like that of street people – autumn;
  • You can take a plastic container, it is not heavy;
  • It is better to dig up homemade garlic with a small spatula. Don’t pull it;
  • After growing, the box will retain the smell of garlic for a long time. And the soil too.


Caring for Garlic

If you have studied the material on how to plant garlic, then you plan to harvest. Garlic loves watering and moisture, but not a swamp, otherwise the roots will rot.

Grow Garlic From Seed

If the room is very hot, then you can remove the garlic in the shade. It is better to give him a slight coolness, but without drafts. Outside the plant grows depending on the weather, but you will notice if it does not like too rainy climate.

Growing Garlic Easy

After digging up, you need to remove the dirt and dry the roots. Not only a clove of garlic is eaten, but also leaves and flowers. It is best to store dry garlic cloves in a cool, dry place.


Easy Ways for Growing Garlic

  • You need to choose a sunny place for growing without water accumulations.
  • Garlic can be planted in the ground where cabbage, pumpkin and other greens were grown.
  • It is not recommended to grow garlic in the soil after carrots, tomatoes or cucumbers.
  • If the soil is fertile, then garlic does not need feeding.
  • Weeding is essential because small weeds will pick up moisture and prevent the roots from growing normally.
  • A lot of watering will lead to rotting and if the soil is dry the leaves will turn yellow and fall off.
  • Start watering when spring moisture leaves the soil, and you need to complete it a month before harvesting.

Green Garlic

Finally, my friends, thanks for reading my posts! Enjoy the whole process in your life, enjoy all the parts in creating, growing or cooking a new one! And, please try my creamy garlic pasta!!!


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