Terrific Flagstone Fire Pit Ideas

Terrific Flagstone Fire Pit Ideas


Make the place for rest comfortable with flagstone fire pit

Flagstone fire pit is very popular today; it is an important decorative and functional element.First of all it is necessary to pay attention to ergonomics and fire safety.

Flagstone Fire Pit Cap

Place it at the distance of at least 3 meters from the wooden buildings. Try not to organize a flagstone patio fire pit near motor-car parking and high trees. Take into account the closeness of the neighbor’s place (no less than 3m). To avoid smoke it is recommended to place it no closer than 5m from your own house.

Flagstone Fire Pit Patio

As a rule, the flagstone fire pit area consists of the area with a cover on a solid basis with the diameter of about 2-3m, a fireplace itself, which is located in the middle (portable or stable type) and a path to the house.

Flagstone Fire Pit Ideas

A lawn or paved section includes a resting place: table, chairs (seats), and benches. The distance to the fire must be at least 1m.

Flagstone Fire Pit DIY

For organizing a place near the campfire, tile for garden paths, gravel or pebbles can be used. One can easily place different furniture for garden on such a wide plate (chairs, benches).

Flagstone Fire Pit Surround

A circular bench with backs is an ideal variant for the people who are going to spend much time near the fireplace. To make place more comfortable and relaxing it can be decorated with rugs and you can also put on the benches decorative pillows and blankets.

Flagstone Fire Pit Kit

There are many flagstone fire pit ideas. You can lay out a path leading from the campfire to the house and arrange little street lights along it. This area around the fireplace can be made in the shape similar to the sun with rays.

Flagstone Fire Pit Instructions

It is not so difficult to make a place near the campfire. The main things you need are: building materials, precise calculations, maximum free time, imagination and creativity.


Fire pit stone will serve you for a long time

Fire pit stone is a part of the general style of the infield where family and guests will often gather for spending good time together.

Stone Gas Fire Pit
Stone Fire Pit Construction
Stone Fire Pit Kits

Regardless of the type of the fire bowl, it should meet some simple, but important requirements, such as:

  • resistance to high temperature;
  • good resistance to corrosion and physical impact;
  • the capability to place the bowl on any type of soil;
  • absence of harmful substances for people and nature, which may evaporate when the temperature rises;
  • easiness in cleaning and long operating cycle without replacement or repair.

Wood Burning Stone Fire Pit
Stone Fire Pit Table

The materials which are used for building outdoor stone fire pit:

    1. Fire-brick. When facing the stationary type of the pit different types of stones can be used, but only fire-brick should touch the campfire. The peak firing temperature of the wood is 800-900 C and the coal – is up to 1200 C.
    2. Concrete is often used in homemade stationary fireplace.
    3. As a rule, granite campfire bowl are made in the form of a bowl or a flowerpot and anchored into the ground.
    4. Heat-resistant metal is durable, light and has the best decorative features.
    5. Ceramics can even compete with the brick.

Round Stone Fire Pit
Stone Outdoor Fire Pit
You can either buy a ready stone fire pit construction or you can make it with your own hands. For this purpose you should dig a hole (at least 30 centimeters) and put it round with stone for fire pit.

Portable Stone Fire Pit
Natural Stone Fire Pit

There is even more simple method – just dug-in an old metal barrel. It should be placed at the level or above the ground and form a stone rise.

Glass Stone Fire Pit

The space around the bowl (with the diameter of about 1.5m) is necessary to fill up with gravel or lay out with tiles. For this purpose such materials are used: gravel, pebbles, tile for the paths.

Stone for Fire Pit

It is convenient to put the chairs, benches and other garden furniture on the broad, flat plate. Circular bench with backs will be perfect for sitting around the campfire site.



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