Fake Fireplace Logs Battery Operated

Fake fireplace logs battery operated help to make an imitation of the fire for people who live in apartments and dream to spend evenings with their family at the chimney corner.

Fake Fireplace Logs Battery Operated

There are some ways how to make fake logs for fireplace. Let’s consider all of them step by step.

Types and characteristics of fake fireplace logs battery operated

Fake Fireplace Logs Battery Operated

The first variant is to use LCD screen. For this purpose, it is necessary to install a LCD screen of the right size into the faux fireplace. Then you should find a video with the effect of the flames and a sound reminiscent of the crackling of burning logs, connect it to your TV and enjoy the spectacle.

Fake Burning Logs for Fireplace Battery Operated

The next variant is imitation with the help of holograms and 3d effects. This method is considered to be the most affordable ones. It is not so difficult to decorate the room with hologram.

Fireplace Fake Lighted Logs Battery Operated

The picture in the 3D format is placed in such a way that its edges were not seen by others. Use LED bulbs or halogen bulbs to provide a necessary lightning. So, you have an optical illusion of a 3D flame.

Fake Fire Logs for Fireplace Battery Operated

You can also make fake fireplace logs with lights. It is acceptable to use either natural wood or artificial wood made of ceramics or plastic. The logs should be placed on a special shelf. LED light (yellow, red and white colors) will be used here to make the impression of a burning fire. Twinkling light and natural wood complement the interior, look stylish and original.

Battery Operated Fake Fireplace Logs with Lights

Making fire with the help of aqueous vapour is one of the most difficult ways, because to make such fake battery operated fireplace logs electric base is needed. To begin with, one should prepare such things as: a small fan, three ultrasonic mist generators, water containers, distilled water, a LED lamp and a cardboard box.

Battery Operated Fake Fireplace Logs Electric

Take a cardboard box and put three ultrasonic mist generators on the bottom of this box. Fix the fan on the box. Pour some distilled water on a special container for liquids and put it on the generator, so it will create mist.

Electric Logs Battery Operated for Fake Fireplace

Special lighting from RGB lamps will give the effect of a burning flame. The picture seems to be realistic. Of course, this effect is the most expensive, but at the same time it is the most effective one.

Fake Fireplace Logs Battery Operated


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