Double Sided Fireplace Ideas

Double Sided Indoor Outdoor Fireplace Design Ideas

Indoor outdoor fireplace is dispensable for any contemporary house. You can create magical ambience, make your place more attractive, inviting in both living spaces: interior and exterior.

A hearth is beautiful amenity, which are able to improve your life and promote socializing. You will be happy to return cozy home and have relaxation after job, looking at flames. A good rest will make you more productive for a next day. As a result, you will achieve your goals easier.


Indoor Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

2 Sided Fireplace Indoor Outdoor

If some of your rooms share a wall, which facing a patio. You can install there double sided fireplace indoor outdoor. It is the creative, all inclusive decision. In addition you can bring some magic touch to it, just paint fireplace by your own.

Double Sided Gas Fireplace Indoor Outdoor

Savvy people came up with this thought. And you do not need to set multiple ones. It lets you to save money and time. Freedom of choosing where to enjoy fire today is amazing. That will depend on your mood.

Indoor Outdoor Fireplace Double Sided

You should take into account that indoor outdoor fireplace double sided is not portable and changes look of your both living spaces a next serious renovation.

It is long-term modifying. Be sure that you do want this. Choose size, material, color, accessories that match to your taste and décor.

A heat production is a significant feature. Some hearth can really warm you, while other mostly embellishes.

Double Sided Indoor Outdoor Fireplace

Indoor Outdoor Electric Fireplace

Indoor Outdoor Fireplace Design

Double Sided Indoor Outdoor Gas Fireplace

Indoor outdoor fireplace wood is a resourceful idea in case you need huge heating help. Nowadays it is less spread as gas one. But this advantage is very considerable for cold winter time.

In addition, it will add rustic charm and completeness to design. What can be more natural than this fireplace? The highest temperature you can achieve with burning of oak or fruitwoods.

Remember that efficiency is great when it is made correctly. And a chimney should be cleaned regularly. The last requirement will take some efforts. Here is another post about fake fireplace logs battery operated if you interested in something new and unique.

Indoor Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace


2 Sided Fireplace for Modern Home

2 sided fireplace may be seen in a modern accommodation rather often. There is a myth that installing such firebox is very difficult and requires special completion. But it is not true.

2 Sided Gas Fireplace Insert

Present-day fireplaces are of different sizes, shapes and forms, so if you haven’t got a plenty of time, pick the small one and it will simplify the process of setting it up.

2 Sided Wood Burning Fireplace

Multisided fireplaces may be gas, electric or wood burning. Each type has both advantages and weak sides. Though 2 sided wood burning fireplace seems to be way ahead from the others.

Not only for its aesthetics, but for practicality and health benefits. It is generally agreed today that watching fire has positive effect on human health, increasing our resistance to stress.

Mental health is quite important for all of us, right? Spend an hour per week doing this and you will feel relaxed.

2 Sided Electric Fireplace Insert

You have a huge room and want to divide it into two parts? 2 sided fireplace inserts will solve this dilemma. A see through mantelpiece may be used in order to unite rooms, as they will share common firebox. It will heat both rooms, using only one chimney.

Mantelpiece may also be installed in a studio, protruding from the wall and creating two zones, one of which may become a comfortable individual area and the other for at-home meetings. A see through mantelpiece will look like aquarium, but with fire instead of water and fish. Well, very person has his own desire.

2 Sided Corner Fireplace

2 Sided Outdoor Fireplace

2 Sided Outdoor Fireplace

Look through some design and interior magazine or find an inspiration to generate your own 2 sided fireplace ideas. It may be faux or wood burning, gas or electric. The heating rate is different, but the main idea is the same. Don’t forget that it should match with the interior of the room. The rest is stuff. You can do it!

14 Double Sided Indoor Outdoor Fireplace Design Ideas


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