Cute Elephant Crafts for Kids

10 Best DIY Ideas With Elephants

An elephant is a symbol of love, wisdom and prosperity. In many countries, it’s believed to be a sacred animal. A figurine of an elephant gives to its owner harmony and wealth and protects his family from evil and malice. Many people like this strong and beautiful animal and collect different things in elephant shape.

My DIY ideas with elephants may be useful for those who are fond of handmade and want to have an elephant talisman, to fill up the collection or to make a surprise to a friend.

There are the instructions of soft toy elephants, pillows, rugs, pictures and other original ideas you can test!


Flora Elephant Pattern

Free Flora the Elephant Pattern

I can get excited every time I share a new pattern and tutorial, this one of that by Bustle and Sew.


Elephant Buttons Painting

Cute DIY Craft Elephant Buttons Painting

Cute DIY craft buttons painting via Our Daily Ideas can go perfectly as a baby shower gift!


Travel Pillow

Elephant Travel Pillow

Elephant travel pillow via Entirely Emily.


Sew Sock Elephant

How to Sew Sock Elephant

I’m totally thrilled to introduce how to sew sock elephant via Craft Passion.


Crochet Hat Pattern

Elephant Crochet Hat Free Pattern

Elephant crochet hat free pattern via Jenny and Teddy it’s super cute, fun, and totally ingenious.


Glove Elephant Bag

DIY Dish Glove Elephant Bag

DIY dish glove elephant bag via Handmade Charlotte get ready for some upcycled fun!


DIY Nursery Lamp

Nursery DIY Elephant Lamp

Nursery DIY elephant lamp via How Joyful.


Elephant Bookmarks

Elephant Bookmark Ideas

Elephant bookmark ideas via Piikea Street.


Elephant Canvas

30 Minute Elephant Canvas

30 Minute elephant canvas via Cut out and Keep.


Elephant Tail Hanger

DIY Elephant Tail Hanger

Elephant tail hanger project by Gina-Michele.

10 Best DIY Ideas With Elephants


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