Easy DIY Bird House Plans

DIY Bird House Plans

If you love nature very much and enjoy bird’s chirping, creating a diy bird house plans can be a wonderful decision for you and your yard.

Of course, the purchased bird house is a good thing, but making it with your own hands is not so hard and less expensive. The houses for these little creatures can be made from wood, flower pots, wine corks, buckets and drawers.


Free Birdhouse Plans

Cool DIY Birdhouse Idea

via 100 Things 2 Do

Cool DIY idea how to build a bird house. If this project you planning to make together with your kid who is love birds and crafts, than make sure to check my easy bird crafts ideas for preschoolers and toddlers.

You may be surprised how many things are able to help the birds settle in your yard or park.

How to Build a Bird House

by How to Specialist

Also, making these houses for the singing birds will let you have a wonderful time with your family and learn your children to appreciate the nature that surrounds us.

Use Old License Plate for Birdhouse Roof

Birdhouse Simple and a Good Way to Use Old License Plate

Birdhouse simple and a good way to use old license plate via Runner Duck.


Birdhouse of a Coffee Can

Cute DIY Birdhouse of a Coffee Can

Cute DIY birdhouse by Homedit, – several wood pieces and a coffee can is more than enough to make a stylish thing for backyard.


Build a Backyard Birdhouse

Build a Backyard Birdhouse

Who don´t like a sound of birds in your backyard? So here is very good idea that you can build for a few dollars and finish in an afternoon.


Bluebird Birdhouses

How to Build a Bluebird House

via DIY Network

Bird House Plans DIY Bluebird House

via DIY Garden Plans

Here is couple DIY plans how to build a bluebird house. This is huge step helping to grow the bluebird count and provide to your home endless bird singing.


Log Cabin Bird House

Log Cabin Bird House

via Instructables

Only hand tools needed for this build is: a hammer, hand saw and hatchet. Perfect for bird lovers!

DIY Bird House Plans that Will Attract Them to Your Garden


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