Cowboy Birthday Party Ideas

Best Cowboy Birthday Party Ideas

Cowboy birthday party is a great theme. The perfect place for a party – a country house (cowboy would say “family ranch”). Activities will be noisy and loud. You could equip the area with a tent or decorated with red flags, put in vases wildflowers, spikes, add colourful feathers.

If you can arrange a rack in a retro bar – it will be a great highlight of the party. Hang vintage curtains. Cover the furniture with characteristic colours tablecloths: red and white cell or retro flowers.

Cowboy Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Bales of hay will look harmoniously in the yard and near the festive table. Hang all over something like a lasso, cowboy hats, horseshoes, set cans on rows and bottles of beer on a fence.

Cowboys Birthday Party Ideas

You should concentrate on a scenario and cowboy birthday party ideas. At the entrance to the yard, you could hang a big poster “Wanted” with a photo of one of the guests.

Be sure to specify the amount of compensation (it is better in coins: so many zeros, but the real if the hero would require the full amount).

Organize targets (easily done from foam and paint it), as well as to place around the yard cactuses (of course, from foam, needles draw by a marker).


Cowboy Birthday Party Supplies

Cowboy Birthday Party Supplies

Conditionally divide the territory in half Cowpunchers and Indians. For Cowpunchers, would serve a haystack and wooden benches, for Indians – a wigwam and fire. All these, too, you could easily build.

Speaking of the two warring “factions”, competitions should be adjusted correctly for cowboy themed birthday party. They should compete; otherwise will lost such an unusual feature of the company.


Dallas Cowboys Birthday

Dallas Cowboys Birthday Party

Via Karas Party Ideas.


Game Bank with Coins

Dallas Cowboys Birthday Party Ideas

Dallas Cowboys Birthday Party Ideas via Project Nursery.


Party Inspiration Cowboys Indians

The contest “The candle was burning.” Two men (one from each team) with the same distance should extinguish three candles with a water pistol.

Party Inspiration Cowboys Indians


Cowboy Birthday Party Ideas

The contest “Treasure Hunt”. Give two teams a map drawn not the most legible way, they have to find the treasure. Who will think faster – takes the treasure. In the role of a treasure – a bottle of good alcohol.

Cowboy Birthday Party Ideas

Menus and drinks for Dallas cowboys birthday party: chopped meat, barbecue, baked chicken thighs, skewers, fillets, ham. Also suitable stews, rice with vegetables in large containers. Farm Themed Birthday Party Ideas


Party Cake & Cookies

Cowboy Birthday Party Cake

Cowboy Birthday Party Cake

Via Leonies Cakes and Parties.

Cowboy Birthday Party Print Cookies

Cowboy Birthday Party Print Cookies

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