Construction Birthday Party

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Construction birthday party is a great theme for little boys. The celebration should be fun! Therefore it is necessary beforehand to figure out how you will entertain guests. The event is better to organize on the street during summer warm day. However, it is possible to organize at a dwelling, laid out the entire floor with newspapers.


Construction Theme Birthday Organization

Construction Birthday Party Ideas

So, for the organization of the holiday you should buy the following materials: few large cardboard boxes (you could find them in any hypermarket), scissors, a knife for cutting paper and cardboard (for adults), gouache or acrylic paint, glue, colored paper, a fabric adhesive tape.

Construction Themed First Birthday Party

Construction Birthday Party Invitations

The budget is not the main thing; the key is fantasy, mood, and the ability to ask for construction birthday party ideas to friends, acquaintances:

  • search, think and look for everything that is suitable for the theme of the birth, and only when you find a huge pile of all (that could accurately select useful and what is not);
  • divide all to classes for children and adults.

Construction Birthday Party Supplies


Construction Party Decorations

Construction Birthday Party Decorations

Buy and inflate orange and yellow balloons for construction birthday party decorations. Hang garlands – it is easy to make by your own hands.

Choose yellow and orange shades. Dilute the holiday with interesting themed games such as throwing rings on orange cones, create a play area with sand and trucks; balloons, inside which are hidden some of the prizes; painting pictures.

For each child, you should prepare old clothes, an apron and a construction helmet (you could make a hat of paper). You will also need materials for competitions. You could also apply plastic buckets, putting into them sweets.

Construction Truck Birthday Party

To bring the spirit of building to your holiday – download meal or refreshments into plastic trucks and set on a dining table. Place plastic cones, warning of the danger, warning tape and signs on the building throughout the area, where the party. A machinery on construction birthday party invitations helps set the right mood.


Construction Birthday Party Dessert

Construction Birthday Party Desserts - Cake Central

And do not forget souvenirs. Let it be construction helmets, children can take them and continue to play with them at home or a toolbox or a bucket with a shovel, into which put sweets or other small gifts.

Construction Themed Birthday Party Ideas


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