Amazing Clothespin Craft Ideas

Amazing Clothespin Crafts Ideas 940x788

Wooden clothespin crafts can be used to make toys, furniture, decorations and things which will help you about the house. It is difficult to imagine that such a little thing as a clothes peg may be used for other purposes than holding clothes on the washing line, but it is true.

There are both wooden clothespins craft ideas for children and adults. So, what can you crate using them? A napkin holder or an ornamental casing for a flowerpot, and much more. To start get plastic or wooden clothespins, glue gun and some decorative materials.

It is possible to decorate a Christmas wreath or a gifts bow clothespin can be used to decorate mirrors and picture frames, to make toys or holders for kitchen towels. There are hundreds of possible variant, everything depends on your fantasy.


Mini Clothespin Airplanes

Disney Planes DIY Mini Clothespin Airplanes

Make your child happy, just diy this Disney planes by A Night Owl Blog, or craft some toy animals, like crocodiles, sharks fishes, lions.


Bunny Clothespins

Bunny Clothespins DIY

DIY idea via Chica Circle, all you need is just take a clothes peg and paint so it looks like a bunny. Like an additional idea for every little girl who dreams to have furniture for her doll’s house, all you need is 12 clothes pegs and glue.  So, you can make and enjoy together with your daughter.


Minion Clothespin Craft

Minion Clothespin Craft for Kids

Hang your child’s artwork with this Minions inspired clothespins via Glue Sticks Gumdrops. Be aware that you have paint it twice if you’re using a water-based paint. In same time it awesome back to school theme idea for kindergarten and preschool.


Cupcake Liner Clothespin Butterfly

Cupcake Liner Clothespin Butterfly Craft

So easy and fun craft by Crafty Morning, basically you just have to clip the clothespin over the colorful cupcake wrappers for wings and make some additional decoration.


Clothespin Love Arrow

Clothespin Love Arrow Tutorial

These little cupids arrows by I Gotta Create are fabulously crafty. Make handmade Valentine’s for the ones you love, in same time it´s perfect additional decoration for weddings.


Double Use Of Clothespin For Your Dressing Area

Double Use Of Clothespin For Your Dressing Area

Art and craft for wall decoration in same time, just try this functional idea made with wooden clothespins. Instead of spending tones of money on expensive clip hangers, pass by to dollar store for a pack of clothespins.


Snowflake Direction Hanging

Snowflake Direction Hanging For Christmas Decor

Create a winter wonderland Christmas decor with these wooden snowflakes, just add them around your house or even adorn Christmas tree.


Creative Pallet Coasters Made from Clothespins

Creative Pallet Coaster Made from Clothespin

Disassemble clothespins and hot glue it together into these amazing coasters. You can check out my favorite ones just scroll down, best ideas has been here accumulated in a collection.


Mini Pallet Coasters

Wooden Clothespin Created Mini Pallet Coasters

Add some uniqueness to your home, make these awesome mini pallet coasters – you´ll need  just some glue and clothespins. They look great, plus it really easy and cheap to make.


Creative Table Coaster Made Of Reused Clothespins

Creative Table Coaster Made Of Reused Clothespin

This useful project is made with reused clothespins only, no tricky parts here. Just disassemble them first and glue in order after. For sure this crafts will be very helpful for whole family on daily bases.


Triangle Ornament Holder From Reuse Clothespins

Triangle Ornament Holder From Reuse Clothespin

This triangle holder made from clothespins only, can nicely keep all your Christmas ornaments. And of course it’s so simple to make at home by yourself.


Cute DIY Clothespin Wreath with Hen in Middle

Cute DIY Clothespin Wreath with Hen in Middle

Add some fall harvest decor into your house with this budget friendly wreath. Layout wreath form on a flat surface and line up clothespins. For sign in the middle have been chosen hen, which is looks just in right place.


Father’s Day Best Handmade Gift

Father's Day Best Handmade Gift with Rustic Small Boards and Clothespin

DIY project that are so easy to make for Dad, he deserves a special personalized gift. As well it´s a good idea for last minute homemade present.


Christmas Crafts with Clothespins

Christmas Crafts with Wooden Clothespins

Clothespins are an extremely versatile crafting material, so keep this awesome idea to make some Christmas decoration with snowmen.


Photo Garland

Photo Garland Created with String and Clothespin

Lovely wall photo holder garland with clothespins. You can use them for notes and cards as well. Great way to display favorite photos or some holiday cards.


Candle Stand from String and Clothespin

Quick Last Minute Easy Handmade Candle Stand from String and Clothespin

Quick and easy homemade candle stand, to grace your desk, bathroom or living room table. Made just with string and clothespins. DIY this cool candle holder isn’t difficult at all.


Creation Of Clothespin For Readers

Useful Bookmarks Best Creation Of Clothespin For Readers

Make a nice and practical organizer to keep pens and pencils. The required materials are: halves of clothes pegs, glue, double-sided tape and a roll made of card board. Wrap around the card board construction with a double-sided tape. Just paste it over with halves of clothes pegs make a bottom and you will not lose your pens and pencils.

17 DIY Clothespin Crafts Ideas That Would Surely Impress You


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