Best Ceiling Lights Ideas

Best Ceiling Light Fixture Ideas


How to Use a Low Ceiling Lighting

A low ceiling lighting can easily smooth out the shortcoming of a low chamber. The premises are considered low-ceilinged when the height is less than 2.5 m.

Low Ceiling Lighting Solution
Low Ceiling Lighting Options

Nobody likes it and thinks the problem irreparable. But there are some ways to create the illusion of high and spacious room.

Low Ceiling Lighting Ideas for the Bedroom

There are several low ceiling lighting ideas for visual lifting. First of all, place a lamp close to the ceiling. Choose fittings that transmit the light well and shine upwards. It is better to take fittings of soft and pastel tints.

Low Ceiling Lighting Ideas
Low Ceiling Lighting Kitchen

Don’t hang up large and rich decorated chandeliers on long chain or rods. Frequently, they are quite bulky and eat the area. They are created for big halls, and small not high chambers need flat fixtures of about 30 cm height, not overloaded with additional decorative elements.

Low Ceiling Lighting for Dining Room

Pay attention to low ceiling lighting options that fit the best to this type of architecture. A lamp that is installed with help of a mounting plate allows saving the space.

Low Ceiling Lighting Fixtures

Pendant luminaires offer a large choice of modals. For instance, lamps hanging on thin strings on different height smooth the negative effect. An overhanging room has a good look with track lights. They are horizontal and flat, and their height doesn’t overcome 30 cm.

Low Ceiling Lighting Design

Besides, they are big enough to highlight the whole chamber. Small crystal chandeliers have a chick look and enlarge a room thinks to the refraction of light from the crystals.

At last, we advise you to use LED and fluorescent bulbs. They are energy efficient, don’t get warm and don’t damage the surfaces with the heat, as opposed to incandescent lamps.

Lighting for Low Ceiling Hallway

Low energy ceiling lights for kitchen, living or dining room are better since the most time your family passes there.


How to Make a High Ceiling Lighting

The choice of high ceiling lighting often puzzles it owner. Though, a lofty room is always considered beautiful and chick, it is difficult to illumine it rightly.

Best Lighting for High Ceilings

The first task is to keep the chamber from looking dark. The problem can be eliminated with using of stronger bulbs and successful choice of the fixture design.

Pendant Lights for High Ceilings
Lights for High Ceilings

Big lights for high ceilings are the most usable. Large chandeliers with rich decorations give a bright shine and make the room bright. They create a sense of ball hall and amaze with their size and beauty.

Lighting Ideas for High Ceilings
Lighting for High Ceilings

Luxury chandeliers can be supplemented with spotlights. Additional lights around your central fixture won’t leave any chance to the darkness.High Ceiling Lighting Solutions

There is also a fashion to remove the central lamp and decorate the ceiling with lots of spotlights. It looks like the sky of stars.

Modern tendencies in high ceiling lighting fixtures permit to use long strings to hang lamps. Low hanging of luminaires creates such a wonderful and incredible look!

High Ceiling Lighting Ideas

They may be completely different. Long strings with tiny drop lampshades or big glass spheres hanged on one level. Or, perhaps, you like better different levels of hanging.

High Ceiling Lighting Fixtures
Great Room Lighting High Ceilings

What about a long spiral looking chandelier? It is possible to install a fan fixture with large blades, which is more strict, but very picturesque too. In addition, it realizes two functions: lighting and air refreshing.

Foyer Lighting for High Ceilings

In this connection another question arises: how to change a burned bulb on a big height. The one tool to change light bulbs in high ceilings is a stepladder. First, turn off the light at least 20 minutes prior not to burn yourself. Then install the stepladder in a needed place. Take a new bulb, it’s better to have one of extended life, come upstairs and replace the bulbs. We hope that your home will never be dim.


The Star Ceiling Light

How to make the kids room more attractive? The best idea is star ceiling light complex. It will add new colours to the child’s imagination. Besides, such items can transform the bedroom of the newlyweds or romantic couple.

Star Lights on Ceiling
LED Star Lights Ceiling
Star Light Projector Ceiling
LED Ceiling Lights Stars

The great advantage of the star lights for the ceiling is that you can do this project yourselves. Most companies sell the sets ready to use. They are accompanied with full instructions. Such lights are independent of electricity and have a wide palette of the fiber colours. The functional options are regulated with the remote block.

Star Flush Mount Ceiling Light
Moravian Star Ceiling Light
Star Light Fixtures Ceiling
Moroccan Star Ceiling Light

The star light will be useful in foyers and other public areas. Opposite of the bedroom, such places don’t need the full set of the star sky imitation. Prefer the chandelier in the shape of a star. These fixtures are elegant and give the warm muted light.

Star Ceiling Light Projector
Star Lights in Ceiling

Such light fixtures will be the final element of the space design of the room or hall. Explore the catalogues of lighting manufacturers to find the star wars ceiling lights which fit the thematic room. These items look as the light fixtures or heroes from the immortal epopee.

Star on Ceiling Night Light
Stars on Ceiling Night Light

So, as you see, the star fixtures are universal pieces of the interior. They play some important roles. At first, these chandeliers or ceiling light complex finish the décor of the room. The second function is a reflection of your family member’s interests. So if you like the cosmic theme – choose the lights which remain the stars in the distant sky.


The Trends of Bedroom Ceiling Lighting

Today we invite you to make a trip in the world of bedroom ceiling lighting. What are actual trends in this sphere? Let’s look more attentively.

Lights for Bedrooms Ceiling
Lights for Bedroom Ceiling

Luckily, most bedroom ceiling fixtures solutions are universal for master and guest bedrooms. This feature deletes all borders even for amateur design projects. The lighting system is built according to the environment and room’s layout.

Light Fixtures for Bedroom Ceiling
Bedroom Ceiling Lighting Fixtures

If you live in the sunny region, you’ll need simple bedroom ceiling fans with lights. They are accessible in a wide palette of colours and shapes. These items will perform three important functions for the homeowner and its guests: the decorative piece of the interior, the warm light, and the desired coolness during summer months.

Bedroom Light Fixtures Ceiling
Ceiling Lighting for Bedroom

The contemporary trends are based on minimalism. The best solution, in this case, will be the airy lamps. They are manufactured from different materials. The designers try to offer the strange or mythical shapes to the potential customer.

Modern Bedroom Ceiling Lights
Lighting for Bedroom Ceiling

Do you think that the fabric lights cost expensive? The press and the Internet publish new DIY projects of lights for a bedroom ceiling. They help you to recycle the old things and save the budget. However, some companies penalty the home-grown equipment due to security reasons.

Master Bedroom Ceiling Lighting
Ceiling Light Fixture for Bedroom

These trends are actual for fall and winter season of the present year. We’ll return to this topic in our further publications. Remember that you are responsible for the comfort of the master and guest bedrooms in your home, especially for ceiling lights.


Originality of Drum Ceiling Light

Drum ceiling light is very practical and ca be used in any room of the house. Lampshade made of fabric, glass, artificial leather and other materials, absorbs and scatters light. Designers like to use them for the rooms made in such styles as: modern, high-tech, minimalism, loft, vintage. This construction opens many opportunities for experiments.

Drum Ceiling Light Fixtures

When producing drum ceiling light fixtures manufacturers combine unusual materials, such as wood, crystal, polycarbonate, plastic, bronze, chrome, different fabrics. In such a way they make the interior of the room eye-catching and interesting. There is also great variety of forms: from classic semi-circular lampshades with patterns to spheres, cubes to multilayer products.

Large Drum Ceiling Light
Semi Flush Drum Ceiling Light

There are two types of flush drum ceiling light fixtures:

  • single-bulb fixtures;
  • multi-bulb fixture.

The first type is the best choice for small spaces (for ex. entrance hall) or creating a directional spot lighting in public places. You can hang few little single-bulb fixtures in arrow and it will be also unusual and creative.

Drum Shade Ceiling Light

Multi-bulb fixtures will be perfect for large rooms (living room or kitchen). The product with an adjustable chain length is also stylish: periodically changing it, you will be able to transform the interior.

Ceiling Fan with Drum Shade Light
Drum Shade Ceiling Light Fixture

Lampshades made of fabric are often used in drum shade ceiling light lamps. Usually they are designed for one or two bulbs. Designers recommend hanging them not in the center of the room, but in a corner, which is designed for rest – above a chair or a dining table. Do not hang them in kitchen, because the peculiarity of fabric is to absorb odors, dust and fat and they are not easy in cleaning.

Ceiling Light Drum Shade

It is also important to pay attention to the types of lamps:

  1. Incandescent: their advantages include low price, nice warm illumination and the disadvantage is relatively short service life;
  2. Fluorescent: the advantage of such lamps is bright light, but it can be tiring for the eyes;
  3. Halogen: they serve for a long time, but they heat too much, besides their disposal should be carried out in accordance with certain rules;
  4. LED: they are expensive, but durable, economical and very practical.


The Moroccan Light Ideas

The historical Moroccan ceiling light traditions had formed for centuries. They absorbed the impact of multiple people and different cultures who settled this territory for ages. That’s one of the reasons why they have the elegance and huge decorative potential for using in the house design.

Moroccan Lantern Ceiling Light

Earlier these authentic fixtures you could see only in Morocco or nearest countries. But now the times changed cardinally. A lot of manufacturers and private entrepreneurs researched the topic and successfully implemented the style in their production. Some of them add their own elements and enrich the assortment of unique Moroccan ceiling light fixtures.

Moroccan Ceiling Light Design
Moroccan Ceiling Light Silver

This nuance allows you to hang it anywhere you want. The traditional place for them is couple’s master or guest bedroom performed in the Eastern style. The best additions for such chandeliers will be Asian carpet on walls and floor (except Chinese and other substandard fakes!), bamboo entrance doors and bright wallpapers. However, they will fit the entrances, patio and other parts of the house.

Moroccan Ceiling Light Fixtures
Moroccan Style Ceiling Lights

You can always find the skeptic people who consider the Moroccan style ceiling light too disappointing to use in home decoration. This meaning is fully wrong. The style of this Northern African country is very innovative and wonderful. The market is full of exclusive items in such style which will make your accommodation very comfortable and unrepeatable.

Moroccan Ceiling Light Shades
Moroccan Ball Ceiling Light

The best idea to increase the power of the light inside is the installation of Moroccan fixture composition. Find the hanging items of various shapes – –the Moon, Sun or fir tree toy view. They will make the area brighter and ameliorate its interior.

Moroccan Ceiling Light Ideas

This style has no borders for imagination. Feel free to experiment with materials, shapes and other parameters to create the unique view of the Eastern look of your accommodation.


How to Choose Vaulted Ceiling Lighting

Vaulted ceiling lighting gives a dwelling expanse, daintiness and prettiness. For any style of decoration of an apartment or premises, you can choose design arches, which will not only fully match into the format of the placement, but it will be a pivotal center, the highlight of the area. Today, the creation of the most varied lighting of any premises is performed not only for health, but also to decorate the interior.

Pendant Light for Vaulted Ceiling

Properly organized illumination emphasizes the different styling elements to which you want to draw particular attention. In the dim light, all the beauty of the interior may not be noticed. But bright and harsh illumination can also hide subtleties of design work: a bright light just will eclipse many details.

Lighting for Vaulted Ceilings Solutions
Lighting for Vaulted Ceiling

There are many options to create the right illumination. For example, to select a specific area in the room can be set spotlights. Their soft light creates a warm bright atmosphere.

Recessed Lighting on Vaulted Ceiling
Vaulted Ceiling Light Fixture

Lighting devices in the form of spotlights are small in size and suitable for mounting in a false ceiling. In many cases, having a reflective surface, spotlights create a small scattering of the light beam. Lighting for vaulted ceiling is always a simple but effective way to decorate the apartment and give it elegance, lightness and uniqueness.

Vaulted Ceiling Lighting Fixtures
Vaulted Ceiling Kitchen Lighting

Track lighting for vaulted ceilings may have various shapes, colors and coatings. Structurally, the spotlights can be fixed and adjustable. The adjustable upper part of the lamp fixtures can be rotated, thereby redistributing the light flux in the right direction.

Vaulted Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Vaulted ceiling lighting fixtures are easy to operate. They have beautiful appearance, which gives comfort and aesthetic aspect of any place. They can be installed both indoors with a large area and in a small space. A wide variety of configuration of forms can produce a kind of a supplement to interior design.


DIY Ceiling Light Beauteous and Marvelous

Diy ceiling light and fill your dwelling with a special warmth and convenience. In addition, it receives exclusive appearance. It happens that you really want to change something in the interior of your apartment, but there is no desire or ability to generate global changes.

DIY Ceiling Light Shade

In this case, a good option is to refresh décor with such elements as a chandelier or pendant lamp, especially if they are made by your hands. How to diy ceiling light fixtures everyone decides by yourself, relying on an imagination and an interior design, in which the lamp should be blend well.

DIY Drum Shade Ceiling Light

Diy ceiling light cover can be made of fabric and wood. For such project you will need a shade, strips of balsa wood, glue. Steps: exactly wrap the first and the last line; other lines randomly wrap, so that they do not completely fit with the fabric; connect the ends and then apply glue to stick together elements.

DIY Ceiling Light Ideas
DIY Ceiling Light Box

It is very easy to diy suspended illuminator in the form of cube. Perhaps such lamp is a bit heavy, but for the interior in a rustic style is quite suitable option. In order to make such a lamp will need long and short pieces of wood. First you need to make two squares, do not forget to cut the ends at an angle of 45 degrees. When the cube is ready, it is possible to paint and install electrical parts.

DIY Ceiling Light Cover

Diy flush mount ceiling light, there is nothing difficult in fabrication. Polymer clay – the material is very pliable, handy and finished objects always look very original. Such clay can be of different consistencies, including in the form of a paste.

DIY Light Shade for Ceiling

So, what we need to do the lamp:

– Take an ordinary cardboard package of yogurt or any other container, of juice for example. If you wish to receive a cylindrical shape, it is possible to use a bottle or tube from a paper roll;

– Then to extrude polymeric clay in an arbitrary direction into the package;

– It must dry, after that gently extract from inside the base – a box or a bottle;

– After that, you can install a structure with the lamp. In order to the frame is not heated, it is recommended to use LED lamps.


Ideas for Cathedral Ceiling Lighting

Cathedral ceiling lighting should be paid much attention to when creating general design of the room. It should meet the following requirements: high level of luminous efficiency, reliability and durability.

Lights for Cathedral Ceiling

There are some technical moments which should be taken into account when choosing the lighting fixtures for cathedral ceilings. You should be at least approximately calculate the level of light you need. It is not difficult to calculate the power: just add the power all the working lamps.

Designers recommend to adhere to the common norms: for the living room the power of the chandelier is from 150 to 300 W, for the kitchen – about 150 watts.

Pendant Lights for Cathedral Ceilings

There many interesting cathedral ceiling lighting ideas and recommendations. The colors of the interior affect the lightning too. The choice of chandeliers depends on the type of ceiling too. There are hook type and ceiling type of mounting. The firs type is attached with the help of a special hook.

Residential Cathedral Ceiling Lighting

This method is ideal for concrete ceilings and is used for classical and hanging chandeliers, as well as in some modern fixtures. The chandeliers of the second type are attached via a special clip or just through the body. They are suitable for the floating ceilings.

Cathedral Ceiling Light Fixtures

There are two cathedral ceiling lighting options: classical and hanging chandeliers.

Lighting Ideas for Cathedral Ceilings

Classical chandeliers are elegant and solemn and they make any room a festive and a bit pompous. The shapes of such lampshades are smooth and elegant; sometimes they are decorated in the forms of flowers and buds. The most popular materials are metal, glass and, of course, crystal.

Best Lighting for Cathedral Ceilings
Track Lighting for Cathedral Ceilings

A variation of the classical chandelier is the one with candles. In such lusters used lamps of E14 type adapter plug with small capacity are used. Because of a large quantity of them (usually eight), the quality of illumination does not suffer from it.

To use this type of lusters the height of the room shouldn’t be less than 3 meters.

Cathedral Ceiling Pendant Lights

Hanging chandeliers consist of one or two decorative lampshades, which are attached on a long cord. Typically, these lamps have colored lampshades. They are made of such materials as glass, plastic, fabric. The forms are also very diverse. They can be used in the kitchen or dining room over the dining table.


Facts about Wood Ceiling Light

Wood ceiling light does not lose its position and popularity and that just can not go out of fashion, which for centuries harmoniously complements the décor. Nowadays, in the modern world, there are many different options for interior styling, the design of which, of course, can not do without the use of decorative lighting elements as the original ceiling lights.

Dark Wood Ceiling Light

The reasons why that consumers buying  wall or ceiling lamps made of wood, are huge due to many factors. Firstly, the tree is very eco-friendly, clean, natural material. It not only does not release harmful substances, but also has many advantages, for example, absorbs them.

Recessed Lighting in Wood Ceiling

Second, timber is easily handled, so we can select any form for it, respectively, the manufacturers are able to produce variations of products, in shape and size.

Wood Veneer Ceiling Light
Modern Wood Ceiling Lights

Disadvantages, such as, wood can absorb moisture and become deformed. So, you need a special high-quality coverage and regulation of humidity in the room or area where such lights are placed and used.

Reclaimed Wood Ceiling Light
Wood Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Wood ceiling fan with light is an excellent interior solution. They usually do not have intricate shapes, but rather concise and appealing look. The most common form is a rectangle, square and circle, the size can also be easy to pick up according to your wishes. Wood beam lighting is suitable for a modern design apartment or office space.

Wood Ceiling Light Box

Wood ceiling light fixtures will give a special flavor and atmosphere of every living room or bedroom. These products are always a bit reminiscent of the old days and vacation in a rustic country house, after a hard day in a busy city.

Ceiling Light Fixtures Wood
Wood Light Fixture Ceiling

They will give you comfort and quietness. It is the fact that the lamps made of this material project luminous flux even on another way compared to conventional chandeliers and lamps. Scientists have also shown that the lamps made of ecological materials contribute to proper rest and sound sleep


What is Ceiling Light Cover?

Ceiling light cover guarantees that you will not have to throw out a lamp, if it is accidentally damaged or smash. If it is seemed that a chandelier in your home is old-fashioned, boring or has ceased to be in harmony with the interior, you can purchase light covers for ceiling lights.

Through properly placed accents it will be able to zone the room, arrange or add a bright emphasis of the situation.

Ceiling Fan Light Cover Replacement

Such devices can be various diameters and methods of fixing, modes and consist of varied materials:

  • Glass or plastic;
    • Steel or wood;
    • Shells;
    • Fabric or material cocoon;
    • Polyester, crystal.

Plastic Ceiling Light Covers
Light Covers for Ceiling Lights

Fluorescent ceiling light cover allows you to easily create multi-level illumination in any premises. It can be formed by lamps of different types vary with the synchronous use of one or more sources, becomes more saturated or muted. All this is possible, because in one space at one time can create a shine ceiling lamps.

Ceiling Light Bulb Covers

Highlights during the selection – to pick up a decorative elements, should be based on the choice of:
1. Technical characteristics of the lamp – they need to be chosen based on dwelling size and ceiling height.
2. Compatibility with design space.
3. The room, which will be illuminated – it is important to opt the right height and shape.
4. Type of a suspension – is on the ropes, pipe and rigid base.

DIY Ceiling Light Cover

Ceiling light replacement covers and you can periodically switch the illumination in your dwelling, just replacing components. Models with restrained shades will fit perfectly in a classic interior. Such products well transmit light. If you want to supplement singularity to the interior of an apartment, you should pay attention to shades of bright colors: orange, red, terracotta, pink. Luminous flux, which gives a model with open shades, allows you to get a bright, directional illumination.

If the shade is directed upwards, you can get a soft, reflected illumination.


Copper Ceiling Light

This types generates amenity and warmth which we longingly and sadly recall in harsh everyday work.  Copper ceiling light fixtures that are made as “antique”. Form the illumination of dwellings, recreate the atmosphere of the last century – mysterious shadows, intimate semi-darkness.

Nowadays it is a very common service to order such lamps, but due to the complexity of the whole production of these downlights, few companies are taking up this job. But such works, although manufactured according to specific standards, adopted many centuries ago by Spanish and Italian masters. And then processed still it is the product of machine production.

Copper Flush Mount Ceiling Light
Antique Copper Ceiling Light
Copper Ceiling Pendant Light

That is why to name them as absolutely authentic, made entirely on the technology of the XVIII century, it is difficult. This is an imitation – made quite soundly, but not significantly copying products of that era.

Copper Industrial Ceiling Light
Copper Dome Ceiling Light

Advantages of metal fixtures:

• Strength compared with chandeliers of glass and crystal. This is very important for installations in public areas. You may also want to install metal ceiling fixtures in the apartments, where children live: thrown up toy can crack or shatter the glass ceiling fabric lampshade into sharp shards;

• A stylish solution. Modern lighting devices manufactured by different design: high-tech, modern, minimalist, classical, medieval, ethnic style, etc;

• Minimal maintenance: just wipe off dust with a dry cloth;

• Wide range and cost.

Davey Factory Ceiling Light Copper
Copper Kitchen Ceiling Lights

Copper semi flush ceiling light depends on the size of an apartment can be a single (central) or part of a group, composed of one or more lamps. Such material is the oldest and most reliable material for the manufacture of such devices.

Copper Pipe Ceiling Light

In short, such a design is simply irreplaceable in urban apartments, private estates and country houses.  Another interesting informations Retro Light Fixtures Ideas.


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