Car Birthday Cake Ideas

Cool Car Birthday Cake Ideas

If you have decided to make really happy your little monster, so make for him or for her a great car birthday cake!

Of course, it’s possible go the nearest supermarket for bay it or order it using the mobile but you will have a great fun making it yourself. Also you can involve all your family in this wonderful project.

Car Birthday Cake Ideas

As everybody knows the taste of homemade cake is the best!


Sport Car Birthday Cake

Sport Car Birthday Cake

Even if you are a newbee when it comes to baking 3D cakes, be sure that you will make it perfect. The cake made by yourself will be exclusive, testy and beautiful!

1st Birthday Car Cake

1st Birthday Car Cake

You should only click of one picture and will get a great decoration ideas and instructions how to make it at home. All children are fascinated with the animals and birds.


95 McQueen Cake Ideas

Car First Birthday Cake

So you can create one great and tasty chocolate bear or hedgehog. But there is another proposition. Everybody knows that all boys are fond of cars.

Boys Car Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake Car Design

Also Cars is the most popular animated movie. So if your son is fan of it so bake for him this race car birthday cake. If your kid is little, bake a simple small car cake. If you haven’t time and have to bake last minute dessert, don’t forget to use cars figures to decorate it.

For example, it would be a perfect idea to add the Lighting Mcqueen’s figure and your child will be happy. Decorate with chocolate details, butter cream, etc. Don’t forget about the wheels. You can cover them with black fondant. All little guests of your son will remember his great party and your yummy dessert!

If your little driver is fond of the vehicles and needs for speed, so bake him a great race car cake! Be sure he will appreciate it. Any party will be a real joy when you serve the gorgeous dessert because there is no better sweet for boy then a yummy car cake.


F1 Racing Car Birthday Cake

Race Car Birthday Cake

You can bake it on Sunday or may be your son will have his birthday soon and you are looking for an original and sweet surprise for him.

So it will be a delicious dessert for your little ricer and his guests! It will be his favorite sweet, his little guests and their parents will be impressed.


Hot Wheels Race Car Cake

Hot Wheels Race Car Cake

So don’t waste your money and don’t go to the nearest supermarket or bakery for buy a dessert. Make it yourself and involve your son in this gorgeous family project.

You will spend a very interesting and amazing time together!

It’s easy to bake; all you need is round cakes, frosting, original candy decorations and, of course, 3d pan. You can buy it in many shops of your city.

Made of solid material it is eco friendly, durable and absolutely safe for your kid. For example, you can choose a classic car pan.


Race Car Cupcakes

Race Car Cupcake Cake

Many children love the animated movie Cars, if your son is crazy about it too, so you should bake Lightening McQueen. You can customize this dessert with his favorite colors and number.


Race Car Cake Pops

Race Car Cake Pops

Be a cool mom and create a special moments for your kid. He will remember this happy day for many years. Baked and hand decorated this race car cake toppers will be the focal point of your little son’s party!

Best Car Birthday Cake Ideas for Your Little Driver


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