Barney Birthday Party Decorations

Best Barney Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

A barney birthday party are wonderful for fan of Barney and Friends. To plan a whole event in details you should start preparing at about one month before.

The first important thing is, of course, special invitations. For example, you can cut tiny egg-shaped papers, take usual plastic eggs which easily close and open.

Barney Birthday Party Decorations

Then you might insert every egg-paper in a single plastic egg together with small plastic figure of dinosaur. Now decorate the egg with Barney picture outside.

Now invitations are ready to mail them to your guests. It looks like surprise egg.


Barney Birthday Party Decor

Barney Birthday Party Decorations



Barney Birthday Party Theme

Barney Birthday Party Theme

Barney character for birthday partie is more then suitable the same as his friends’ characters too.

That might be proper pictures, banners, posters around on the walls and, of course, the dinosaurs’ toys everywhere.


Barney Birthday Party Invitation

Barney Themed Birthday Party Invitation

The most matching colors for such event would be bright green and violet or purple. A large bright yellow sun will look awesome on the one of the walls.

Think about a house. Find a huge box, cut a door in it. It will be the tree house where the children might go inside.


Birthday Party Ideas for 2 Year Old

Barney Birthday Party Ideas for 2 Year Old

As we know, barney birthday party ideas for 2 year old work on the all 100 per cents. As a fun activity you can arrange crafting, for example, clouds.

For that you should prepare several sheets of blue cardboard as a sky and cotton for clouds. You can use paste as glue for the children to shape their own clouds as they like.


Barney Birthday Party Supplies

Barney Birthday Party Supplies

Via Shacken.

If you are looking for how to support additionally barney birthday party ideas, it is worth to consider dinosaur shaped footprints in a playground area.

More impressive effect can be achieved by giant footprints made of cardboard and located outside, during the path which will lead your guests to the celebration. Try it. Children will be thrilled.

Barney Birthday Party Decorations


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