Balloon Car Project for Kids

If you want to create something special, try to do this balloon car science project powered by air!  It’s a great fun to make this construction pushed forward only by air from a balloon.

Best Balloon Car Science Projects

Involve your kids into this easy car balloon project and they will help with pleasure.

Balloon Car Science Project

Also it will refresh old design of one of your room, for example, you can place it in the kid’s room or in the living room.

Balloon Powered Race Car Project

Be sure your guests will be impressed! You shouldn’t pay money for materials because all you need you can find in your house.


How to create Balloon Ca Project for Kids

For create it you will need straws, tape, of course, balloons, scissors, wooden skewers, wire cutters and foam core.

Balloon Race Car Project

But first of all you should to imagine your future car and its size.  Then cut off the chassis of the car. Use the scissors for make it.

Balloon Car Project Materials

Use the wooden skewers (you can take them from your barbeque) for axles and mount them to the chassis using tape for fixing it. Now your vehicle powered car needs wheels.

Balloon Car Project Ideas

So cut 4 pieces of cardboard and push them into the skewers. Congratulations! You have mounted all wheels! Now try to cut a mouth ring off. Place a straw into the balloon and you will obtain perfect exhaust pipe.

Balloon Car Science Fair Project

It’s necessary that the point of connection have to be about 1″ from the end of the chassis.

Balloon Powered Car Project Ideas

Now inflate your creation and pinch a straw to have air inside it. Put your vehicle on the floor and enjoy.

Balloon Car Physics Project

Of course, you can personalize and make better your car. Make a gorgeous design and it will be an original element of your room.

Balloon Car Project Designs

So creating this science project balloon powered car you will spend a great time and will have a new modern accessory for your house!

Balloon Car Science Project


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