Unique Wall Shelf Ideas

Unique Wall Shelf Ideas ft 940x788

There are some perfect tips how you can making space in your home more beautiful. One of good methods to make that is to buy unique wall shelves. Today market of wall shelves introduce a lot of different stylish shelving ideas, and I propose to consider main of them.

Types of wall shelving:

Bookshelves. As usually it making of strong material strong to support the weight of a large number of books.

Glass shelves its easy so you can put on it some accessories, photo and other.

Kitchen  – very important for these be able easy to wash, and its often made from glass, plastic and metal.


Golden Metal Shelves

So amazing and full color can make incredible look of your room. These part of decor would look unique styled with ornaments, natural flowers or another elements of decor. The contemporary design of these shelves is combined with straight lines and a symmetrical layout.

Golden Shelves Design
Metal Golden Wall Shelf


Wood Wall Shelving

One of my favorite types and always looks incredible with any interior in your home. Sometimes its shelves very heavy, but it plus that you can put there something big, for example all books that you collect. Mount may also be different depending on the selected model.

Modern Designed Shelves For Living Room

Wood Shelves Living Room

Wood Wall Shelves Ideas


Metal shelves

These original metal wall shelves are made of wrought iron and are not very heavy and easy to hang. they will delight your gaze with impeccable beauty, do not waste a minute on them with your decorations, books or plants.

Round Iron Shelf Ideas
Black Round Wall Shelf


Minimal Modern Hanging Shelves

This type of wall shelving will look amazing on a minimalist style room, and honestly fit on a scandi, boho, japan, rustic or contemporary design.

Minimal Modern Shelves for Living Room


French wall shelves

Theare a lot of French designs in wall decor, but I write about provence style shelves. They so cute and cozy! Easy in produsing and made from only natulal matereals.

French Style Shelves
Provence Style Shelves


Triangle Hanging Shelf

Small and fantastic part of decor, that all time bring you best vibes, put faster some ornaments, trinkets, candles, and other small items on.

Minimal Modern Hanging Shelves


Industrial Pipe Wall Shelf

Consisting of  wooden shelves, this shelving unit is held together with robust iron piping. A unique and quirky way to store treasured belongings, books and other valuable items in your home. Industrial in design, this eye catching pipe shelf is perfect for any type of interior style.
Industrial Pipe Wall Shelf

Industrial Rustic Pipe Wall Shelf


Kitchen Wine Shelf

These shelves will help you store wine and glasses and will also greatly decorate the interior of your kitchen or living room.
Kitchen Wine Shelf


Piano Black Wall Shelf

The size of these decor shelves also not big, they can currently for small items, or your photo.
Piano Black Shelves


Vintage Glass Shelves

Best type for living room for peple who loves vintage things, can be diffent forms and types. Looking very gorgeous and perfectly complements your room.

Glass Wall Shelves

Vintage Glass Wall Shelves


Black Square Accent Shelf

Black Square Wall Shelf

Black Square Accent Shelf


Moon Shelf Nursery

These simple moon kids shelves are onestly beautiful theme and looks awesome in baby room!
Nursery Shelves The Moon
Moon Shaped Shelf For Kids


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