Easy Tips to Give Your Bathroom a SPA Feel

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A bathroom is a place where you take a shower. Though not only this can make it a great space. It is meant for relaxation that is often associated with SPA. It’s everyone’s dream to go there after a hardworking day. Unfortunately, we mostly don’t have time to do that.

However, you can create a special spa look in your common bathroom. There is no need for costly redecoration. You can make everything budget-friendly by just changing some details of placing accents. Or make some improvements, of course, if your time and costs allow for them.

Here, I want to share some tips to give bathroom spa feel.


1. Get Rid of Clutter

This is the first thing to do to turn a bathroom into the coziest and most relaxing place in the world. Look at the countertops and cabinets.

Bathroom Scent Like A Spa

A lot of jam there does not produce relaxation. Take away anything that has already expired. Get rid of the products that haven’t been in use for a long time or just put them inside the cabinet.

To Create Spa At Home

You can even use some pretty bottles for hand soap and shampoo. Glass jars are also a good variant. For keeping cotton pads, sponges and other necessary small items.


2. Create Relaxation with Scents

Use any aromatherapy scent. Opt for eucalyptus, lavender, ylang-ylang, or rosemary. There is a wide variety of their application – in soaps, oil diffusers, candles, or lotions.

Spa At Home

You can even place a bundle of eucalyptus in the shower to provide a refreshing scent when water runs.


3. Colors and Tones Are Important

Neutral or natural colors are the most suitable ones for a spa bathroom. Anyway, they should produce a calming effect. They should not be energizing or aggressive, either.

How To Make Spa At Home

That is why pale or navy blue, beige, or sea foam green are the best options. Avoid contrasting colors as well, such as orange and blue, and the bathroom will look like a true spa.


4. Plants Are Always Relaxing

To add some plant pots for the natural decor. They produce a romantic and relaxing vibe. Pots can stand on the floor, hang from the ceiling, or be placed somewhere on the countertop.

Spa Feeling In Bathroom

Check whether the kinds of plants can withstand humidity and thrive with the specific bathroom lighting.

Spa Like Bathroom Plants

A bunch of flowers in a vase can also be a great choice. Or decorate the space with some faux flowers if nothing else is suitable.


5. Place a Rug on the Floor

Nice plush rugs can be both decorative and convenient. Stepping on the cold floor after the shower in the morning is not a great idea.

Rug Bathroom Spa Decoration

Feel cozy and relaxed having a high-quality and fluffy rug under your feet. Choose a mat made of waterproofing or quick-drying fiber to place next to the shower or tub to avoid mold.


6. A Fireplace Will Add Character

This project is not easy to implement though I would like to include it in this list as a kind of perfect idea for the spa bathroom. Fire and water is a great combination.

Spa Like Bathroom With Fireplace

It will create a Zen aura and symbolize something thrilling and magic. This natural element always creates the atmosphere of warmth and relaxation combined with a fantastic feeling of the overall SPA involvement.


7. Add Mirrors and Reflective Surfaces

SPA is about brightness and light. Shimmering chrome fixtures and polished surfaces will add a lot to it. Light and airy look will create a great mood.

Bathroom Feel Like A Spa

Use brighter bulbs or additional lamps. Mirrors of different shapes and scales will also make the space fascinating.


8. Candles Create a SPA Feel

Even if there is no room for a fireplace in the bathroom, some candles can do a perfect job. They are decorative, scented, of different colors and shapes.

Spa Wellness At Home

This element is truly relaxing and refreshing. You may add just some of them and see how much the space will change its atmosphere.


9. A New Shower head Is a Great Idea

Basic shower heads are boring. Try to replace them with something more luxurious. They can have a massaging spray feature, be rain-like, spraying water overhead, or have a hand-held option.

Get Rid Of Clutter Bathroom

Upgrade other fixtures as well. Touchless automation or a heated seat for the toilet also work well.


10. Opt for a Shower Bench

Do you remember that luxury SPAs or hotel bathrooms have this feature? A water-resistant bench in the shower adds style and convenience. Sit back and enjoy your wash. Or use it as a tabletop for washing items, such as shampoo or soap.

Bathroom Feeling Like A Spa

Therefore, here you are with some ideas that I have used, and they really work. You may have some others so do not hesitate to apply them to add a fancy spa feel to your bathroom.


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