Delicious St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails

St. Patricks Day Cocktail Ideas

St. Patrick ’s Day has already become traditional holiday for a lot of people and not only in Ireland. This day is always full of music, dances, tasty food and drinks, for sure. Nobody can imagine the holiday without various beverages, which make the celebration more exciting. They give a touch of freshness, put us in a good mood and full the day with impressive emotions.


Best Irish Cocktails to Sip on St. Patrick’s Day

There is a selection of my favorite St. Patrick’s Day cocktails, from traditional green beer to creative drinks of martini, vodka, liqueur etc. Any of them, no doubt, will give a treat to you. Choose some perfect recipes for you and your friends!


Shamrock Sipper Low Calorie Cocktail

Shamrock Sipper Low Calorie Cocktail

Enjoy this refreshing and low calorie libation suitable. This drink is a delicious and easy cocktail recipe via Gretas Day is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day party.


Sparkling Green Sangria

Sparkling Green Sangria

Learn how to make this easy recipe – sparkling white wine sangria, which is perfect for any party by This Mam a Cooks.


Non Alcoholic Punch

St. Patricks Day Non Alcoholic Punch Perfect for Kids Party

This awesome punch is perfect for kids party and to get family together for holiday. Everyone loves it plus it so simple, details on Our Wabisabi Life.


Irish Margarita Recipe

Irish Margarita Recipe Title Compressor

Fun green drink via Restless Chipotle lucky charm green martini perfect drink to celebrate this holiday.


Easy to Make Punch for the Family

Easy to Make St. Patricks Day Punch for the Family

Made by The Diary of a Real House Wife for fun little holiday. Lovely fruity punch for gatherings and big family.


Cocktails for Fun Time with Friends

St. Patricks Day Cocktails

Impress your friends and explore new ways to improve your cocktail skills behind the bar. Mom on the Side made delicious drink.


Emerald Sunrise

St. Patricks Day Emerald Sunrise

Each cocktail has a special ingredient that makes it unique, this one by The Good Hearted Woman one of that cases. You are going to love it! Serving with orange slice on top.


Lucky Shamrock Cocktail Shooters

Lucky Shamrock Cocktail Shooters

Creamy and minty recipe made fast & easy. All for the fun Irish holiday via The Slow Roasted Italian.


Spicy BLT Green Bloody Marys

Spicy BLT Green Bloody Marys

Classic drink that everyone seems to have their own version of it. This one is totally special and will stand above the others. With or without alcohol via Heat her Christo.


Luck of the Irish Shots

Luck of the Irish Shots

For ingredient here Irish cream liqueur, cocoa and menthe liqueur plus some whipped cream and chocolate mints on top via Real House Moms.


Green Dublin Cocktail

Green Dublin Cocktail for St. Patricks

The green Dublin apple cocktail is an ideal drink for St. Patrick’s Day, made by Culinary Ginger. You can notice how green it is from sour apple schnapps but still stay sweet.


How to Make Green Beer

How to Make Green Beer for St. Patricks Day

If you plan to make a keg of beer you will need a lot more of green coloring. Idea by With a Blast.


Perfect Kid Friendly St. Patrick’s Day Drink

Perfect Kid Friendly St. Patrick’s Day Drink

This drink is full of healthy stuff and has a taste that kids will love, recipe made by Around my Family Table. Surprise them with awesome leprechaun themed drink.

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