34+ Stunning Metal Sculpture Ideas

Stunning Metal Sculpture Ideas

Metal wall sculpture is actual today and harmoniously suits to the design of the room. Though it may seem difficult to find such a decoration for the home, modern manufacturers and designers offer a great variety of interesting possible variants.


Contemporary Types of a Metal Wall Sculpture

Contemporary metal wall art sculptures can be divided into several groups according to the theme and idea of the designer: geometrical, “letters” and Vintage.

Climbing Man Men Metal Wall Sculpture

Metal Sailboat Wall Sculpture

Among the famous metal wall sculpture artists it is necessary to mention such names as Curtis Jere, Donnie Wanner, John Searles and others.

Mirrored Metal Wall Sculpture

Among the exquisite variety of metal accessories, created by Curtis Jere, one can see mirrors in the form of the sun, fanciful tree leaves, frozen drops of brass and other extraordinary variants.

Donnie Wanner makes his creations using different kinds of metal (bronze, chrome, patina techniques, heat treatment and chemicals). His bronze mini-sculptures are permanently exhibited in Shaffer Fine Art Gallery.

Metal Heart Wall Sculpture

Metal Tree Sculpture Wall Decor

So, if the interior of the room represents clear right lines, it is quite appropriate to decorate the wall in the same style.

Metal Wall Sculpture Horses

One of the best variants is to pay attention to the modular wall creation made of copper. They are finished in three distinct patinated patterns.

Outdoor Metal Wall Sculpture

They are very practical, because one can hang them separately (vertically or horizontally) and in groups, thus changing the interior.

3d Metal Wall Art Sculpture

The colors include terra cotta, black, fern green, and waterfall blue. Interesting objects represent line-rays, which come from the central point. They have golden brown color and look like the Sun.

Metal Fish Wall Art Sculptures

The unusual silver metal wall sculpture made of the steel beams, framed with mirrors is popular today. “Letters” are all the rage.

Metal Wall Sculpture Abstract

Designers gladly use them as independent objects of decoration and for writing certain words or phrases.

It is recommended to combine different images and sizes and even add numbers to create an eclectic style. As for Vintage, it has been popular for many years and still doesn’t lose its popularity.

Through Time Metal Wall Sculpture Set


Easy Wire Sculpture

Easy 3d Wire Sculptures

Its will diversify the environment, it is interesting to decorate the baby’s room and create something truly original, hand-made from the material.

It is utilizing for the manufacture of items, toys, gifts, and decorations. The convenience of working with this material is that it is able to take any form and at the same time keep it securely.

Easy to Make Wire Sculptures

Sketches for the work with the copper material on the Internet are enough.

Easy Chicken Wire Sculptures

With copper, beads and beads, you can embellish photo frames, planters for flowers or a wall clock; little crafts can fill the space scheduling mode or the date of a first-grader; angels in the nursery, Christmas trees at a window, funny or original hours or a night lamp.

The most significant point – your kid will work with such material and get a lot of fun. Pendants created from such material and colorful beads can complement area for the newborn, training vision, forming his aesthetic taste.

Easy Animal Wire Sculptures

Easy wire sculpture art is a fairly simple idea, which nevertheless requires certain knowledge. For operation apply a thin copper wire in plastic insulation.

Crafts are operated on a thin cardboard. First, draw the image. On the basis translation only some outlines some of the main lines that transmit the significant characteristic of the subject.

Then take the material whose color matches the color of crafts, and lay out the wire, bending it along the lines transferred to the substrate.

Then a board at several places is punctured with an awl on both sides fix it with a thread. For processing should be used locksmith tools.

Easy Wire Sculpture Ideas

For easy animal wire sculptures apply a thin copper or aluminum material, clay. For work cut two pieces of thin copper or aluminum material, length of 150 mm and one 180 mm.

Short pieces are folded in the form of arcs – a cat’s feet. Then longer piece should be bent. Details are wrapped by the thin one in colored insulation.



Chicken Wire Sculpture

Chicken wire sculpture can be utilized to embellish an area and interior space. The material can make virtually any form to emphasize the smallest details, show the movement and at the same time leave space for imagination.

Experience shows that a properly selected decorative element becomes an interesting and appealing highlight of a gath.

Chicken Wire Sculpture Ideas

Park and garden chicken wire sculpture ideas could be in various versions in the form of a bird, fairy, or cartoon character, a logo or emblem.

It could be utilized for a decorative lamp, vase or interior items or independent functional elements. Even an unusual decorative grill could be made the form of an animal.

Chicken Wire Sculpture Owl

The steel base ensures stability, if is desired, with the stand could be with wheels that allow easy move it. Treatment with special anti-corrosion compounds and colors gives the figures finished look and preserves the original beauty products for years.

Chicken Wire Sculpture for Plants

When you choosing chicken wire garden sculptures for your gath, make sure that that they harmonize with the landscape. Each figure should have its natural setting: swans and frogs – near the pond, mushrooms – under a tree.

Chicken Wire Paper Mache Sculpture

Statuaries of animals will beautifully decorate your area. To make chicken wire sculptures- we need a steel wire with a diameter of about 1 cm, binding one (for the future carcass of the beast), propylene or metal mesh. Do not forget to buy flower seeds (preferably dwarf varieties), grass for a lawn and what will feed the plants.

Chicken Wire Garden Sculptures

Soil and straw are also useful in the production of statuary. Carefully draw a picture of the future beast in the imagination – and then you can begin to create the object.

Transfer the picture of the animal to the material, bending it and fixing. It can be used to secure the frame welding, but it is easier to do it with the conventional wire. The bottom of the sculpture should be wrapped by grid and pour to a specially prepared ground.

Chicken Wire Dress Sculpture


Wire Animal Sculpture

Wire animal sculpture can get the most intricate shape, by bending it at various angles. Without such material does not turn out so loved kids animals as dragons, spiders, crocodiles, cats, dogs.

Wire Animal Head Sculptures

The flexible material gives volume, instead of thread and beads. Without it does not turn out as so favorite by craftswomen luxury beaded trees.

You could create wonderful toys, dolls. Animals become friends for kids as such arms and legs can be bent, delivering toys more posture.

Wire Sculptures of Animals

If you wrap wire sculptures of animals by colored thread or cloth, you can get soft toys. For basics, you may need a champagne cork; it is just this size, which is useful for the body of the beast.

When the carcass is ready, you should compile all parts with glue and wrap tightly with wool threads. In order to make your toy bushier, you can utilize the top layer of fluffy thread or yarn. Eye of a toy can be made of plastics and paints.

Wire Animal Sculptures for the Garden

What could be better for a nice gath, than a soigné grass, where every element of the decor takes its gently thought-out point, and admire its multiformity! First, we should perform the figure and determine its scale, represent it on the sheet proportions.

Wire Mesh Animal Sculptures

For creating apply 2 types of wire (frame- 10 mm, winding – 5-7 mm), a metal mesh, for internal filling take soil, thatch, and seeds of dwarf plants.

From thick material create the key, bend a shape and seal adjoining parts. It is better to weld them, but it is possible snugly wind.

The total sculpture you should wrap with the binding wire so that protrusive elements of the object can be filled with dirt. At the foundation put the metal mesh.

From soil and thatch mix forming a compact mass – it should not fall out through backlash. The resulting mass should hermetically fill the whole wire animal sculptures for the garden. So give this act as much time as needed.

 Metal Garden Sculptures

Recycled Metal Garden Sculpture

Metal garden sculptures have become a favorite element of the landscape decoration. They show originality and elegance of the garden and emphasize the exquisite taste of the owners of the house.

Metal Fish Sculpture Garden

Most people prefer to buy ready-made decorations for yard, but it is also possible to do it with own hands.

Garden Wind Sculptures Metal

Though, it should be taken into account that this work is not easy and requires special skills. But there are also very simple variants too.

DIY Metal Garden Sculptures

One of the examples of popular diy metal garden sculptures is using barrels as decorations. Just take two barrels (the size does not matter), paint them (one in pink color and the other in blue) and draw eyes and mouths.

The pink one is a girl and the blue one is a boy, so be creative and make appropriate images for them.

Metal Garden Sculptures Birds

By the way, the barrels may be also used as flower pots. It looks really nice and doesn’t require much time and money.

Rustic Metal Garden Sculptures

Metal garden animal sculptures are considere to be the most popular ones. They can be made of bronze and copper. These materials look richly, modern and original. They do not corrode. They are resistant to moisture and temperature changes.

Such figures are durable, simple to run and easy in cleaning. Your guests will evaluate your good taste and admire the beauty of the yard.

Recycled Metal Sculptures Garden Art

If you like wildlife characters for the garden, it should be taken into account that the majority of them carry some sacred meaning.

For example, the snake is traditionally considered to be a symbol of wisdom, turtle – longevity, and the lizard in Eastern tradition symbolizes eternity and the merger of the four elements. The sculptures of frogs and herons better to place near the water among the plants, and the figures of gnomes or elves – on the hills.

The figures of goddess, angels put  in the central part of the yard. Metal garden sculptures birds will find place near the trees in the shadow. Listen to the recommendations of designers, but do not forget to show your individuality too.

I have not only this collection of awesome ideas but paper sculptures as well, which is even easier to make and less resources needed.

34+ Stunning Metal Sculpture Ideas


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