Magnetic Blinds for Doors with Windows

Most people use different sun protection systems at home every day, but very often when changing the interior they want something new, so here are new magnetic window blinds.

Magnetic Blinds for Doors with Windows

This kind of shutters differs from the ordinary ones, because magnetic clips or holders are installed along their perimeter.

Such shutters can be used only with metal-plastic window of all types and sizes. It is much easier to mount them, because it does not require drilling the window too much.

Simple French Door Curtains

They can be used in the kitchen, in the bedroom or any other room as well as in the offices, cafes and other public places.

Fabric, wood, plastic blinds are not suitable in this case. Horizontal or vertical type of such shutters can be equipped with automatic control system.


Magnetic Mini Blinds

Magnetic Mini Blinds for Door Windows

Of course, magnetic blinds for windows are very useful and have many advantages:

  • easiness in mounting;
  • ecological compatibility (there are no components causing a negative effect on the body and the environment in the magnet and fabric blinds);
  • availability;
  • reliability and durability;
  • safety, because the shutters are fixed very firmly.

Magnetic Mini Blinds for Windows

But there are also some disadvantages it is necessary to know about: metal will demagnetize the construction; such shutters can’t be combined with other types of shutters.

Door Window Blinds Magnetic

Today it is difficult to find a person who hasn’t heard about magnetic window blinds for doors. The construction itself is very simple: a piece of cloth (with a thin magnetic tape along the edges) vertically divided into two parts.

Magnetic Blinds for Doors with Windows

To keep the shade in a constant tight condition there are weighing materials on the bottom of such curtains.


Magnetic Blind for Steel Door Window

Magnetic Window Blinds for Steel Doors

There are two ways of fixing magnetic window blinds for steel doors: with the help of double-sided tape or using decorative buttons that are included with the purchase.

In fact, such shade doesn’t protect you neither from noise nor from sunlight, but it will protect you from mosquitoes.

Best Magnetic Blinds for Doors with Windows


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