Kids Canopy Bed Ideas

Kids Canopy Bed Ideas


Kids canopy bed for your baby

Finally, kids canopy bed intensively returns into an interior fashion. Most often it is used in children’s room equipment. It is not surprising – such beds create a special magical atmosphere, which fills the air in a room where there is a baby.

Kids Canopy Bed Curtains

Doesn’t matter if you have a girl or a boy: canopy is a good idea for both of them. In the bedrooms of boys canopies are mainly used in the first year of their life, after that they are changed to classic variants. But the girls keep it in their rooms for many years.

Canopy for Kids Bed

It is extremely important to pick up the right kids canopy bed curtains. Children’s psyche and perception is very sensitive, so the color of the curtains should be appropriate.

Kids Bed with Canopy

Avoid bright and aggressive colors, like vermeil. Use curtains of a warm and unobtrusive coloration. The fabric also plays a very important role. Most people choose natural fabrics, like silk and cotton. They are skin-friendly and pleasant to touch, so there will be no harm to your child.

Kids Bed Canopy Tent

Every truly cool father should be able to make a diy kids bed canopy for his children. Mother can show her care in many other ways, but father should be a Jack of all trades.

Prepare all necessary materials and tools, choose the design and get down to business. When the main frame is ready, use different carving and cutouts to decorate a hand-made bed for your baby. I am sure he or she will appreciate it.

IKEA Kids Bed Canopy

For those who live in a cottage or like to spend their weekends in a country house with their children there is one more option – a kids bed canopy tent. It will allow sleeping under the open air without being bitten by mosquitoes. It may also be constructed in a house as well.

DIY Kids Bed Canopy


Recommendations for choosing a baby bed canopy

A baby bed canopy is a simple way to protect a child from the outside world and create the atmosphere of comfort and safety. Some people think that it fulfils only decorative function, but they are wrong, because it has a practical function too protecting a child from dust, sunlight, draughts, insects and prying eyes.

Baby Bed Crown Canopy

Specialist distinguish different types of baby bed canopy covers depending on the type of mounting, length of the curtains and materials they are made of.

Round Baby Bed with Canopy

So, according to the type of mounting there are such types of canopies which completely cover a child’s cot (as a rule they are mounted in the center with the help of a special long holder); those which cover only the half of the child’s cot (fixed at the headboard); those, which are mounted on the perimeter of the crib. If one tale into account the length of curtains there are long, medium and short curtains.

Baby Born Canopy Wooden Bed

Choosing a baby boy or a baby girl bed canopy, one should pay attention to the type of fabric. Close texture protects well from light and draughts. But there is one disadvantage about it: it will be too hot in the cot with such a baldachin. Light material is not good at protection from draughts and sunlight, but it protects from insects and dust. But it is almost useless in winter. In any case, the choice is yours, but it is better if you have two baldachins – one for summer and one for winter. Then your child will always feel comfort. On more important aspect in choosing fabric is its naturalness.

Baby Girl Bed Canopy

One of the most important aspects in baby bed canopy ideas is coloring of the child’s cot. The fabric can be semitransparent, one-colored or with a fabulous picture. However, one should avoid too bright colors in the interior, because they will prevent a child from good rest. Inside the canopy, under the “dome” it is quite acceptable to hang toys, stars, angels and animals.

Baby Cot Bed Canopy


Toddler canopy bed – air accessory for your child’s room

Thomas the Tank Engine Toddler Bed Canopy

Toddler canopy bed forms a determined magical ambience, in which there is constantly the air. Latest, baldachins have returned an interior fashion.

Jasmine Canopy Toddler Bed

A valance in the kid’s apartment gives more scenical nature than constructional. This point of decor will assist to little princesses in manufacturing around them a sumptuous and truly royal interior.

Hello Kitty Canopy Toddler Bed

To diy toddler bed canopy and make from baby’s area a fairyland is not formidably. You could acquire or sew a valance.

DIY Canopy for Toddler Bed

This sophisticated detail of the style will pad and punctuate the pulchritude of a kid’s are and make the furniture for a baby aesthetically perfect.

Toddler Canopy Bed Plans

To sew the princess canopy bed toddler you could applying a diversity of fabrics. If the overall style is light and select tissue: chiffon, organza, and bobbinet. If it is restrained, classic design of a dwelling or for the constructional applying of a valance to shield the sleeping from the light utilized thick fabric: satin, samite, silk, fabrics for curtains, tapestry.

Minnie Mouse Toddler Bed Canopy

Any child will be pleased with the four-poster furniture because the baldachin is able to turn ordinary furniture in the royal one.

Disney Tinkerbell Fairies Toddler Bed with Canopy

For girl toddler bed with canopy always there are special requirements. But in the choice of the baldachin should be taken into account and their own preferences, because in some ways it’s interior decoration:

  • fastening methods. Canopies are divided into the seating at the head of all the space and covering the area. Recent ideal for newborns and the first models are good for older children;
  • the length of products. Manufacturers offer short, medium length and canopies to the floor. Each of them has its pros and cons. Short does not save you from drafts, and too long can become entangled in clothing or get under;
  • type of fabric. Optimally – a natural lightweight fabric. If the room is not to avoid drafts, it is better to opt for a more severe type of fabric, velvet or plush.


Impress your little Princess with canopy bed

A canopy bed girls is a decoration, which creates a special romantic atmosphere in the room of your daughter and helps her to feel herself like a real Princess.

Canopy Bed for Toddler Girl

There are such functions of girls canopy for bed as: protection from sunlight and lights from the street at night; protection from mosquitoes, flies, dust and draughts; creation a feeling of comfort and safety, which is very important for a kid of any age; development a sense of beauty, taste and style and of course decoration of the room.

DIY Canopy Bed for Girl

Depending on the type of mounting system all baldachins are divided into: wall; ceiling; floor and the ones mounted to the back of the cot.

Little Girl Princess Canopy Bed

Of course, you can buy a ready-made baldachin, but it is not so difficult to make a diy canopy bed for girl yourself. Handmade things are usually more valuable and your daughter will be grateful for such a present.

So, here are some possible variants how to make a handmade canopy. The first easy variant is to buy wall-holders for curtains, mount them over the sleeping berth and fix there a wide strip of fabric.

Full Size Canopy Bed for Girl

The next variant is to buy a short curtain rod, mount it over the bed and hang blinds there. And the most difficult of the easiest variants is to make a round frame (use wire or even tambour), fix fabric on it, decorate it with sequins and lace, make a hook on the ceiling and fix this construction on the hook using chains or stripes.

Canopy Bed Twin Girl

Designers offer many girl bed canopy ideas. A common variant for baldachin is light, transparent white fabric. It will suit to nay interior of the room.

Tulle Canopy for Girls Bed

A canopy should harmonize with either curtains or a bedspread or with both of them at once.

Little Girl Canopy Bed Curtains

Wall baldachin may be made in the color of the walls – it’s beautiful and original. If you want to make a girl’s room bright, you can use accentual colors. It is believed that red, orange, pink and purple colors are not very useful, because they braces up and prevent falling asleep. The ideal choice would be blue, turquoise, green, mint and other similar shades. Yellow, peach and beige colors are not banned too.

Mesh Canopy for Girls Bed


Good dreams with boys bed canopy

Twin Bed Canopy Boy

Thanks to a boys bed canopy a baby cot is transformed into a little cozy little world for your son. Moreover, it protects a child from dust, draughts, mosquitoes and sunlight.

Bed Canopy for Boy

Speaking about a bed canopy for boy, it is necessary to mention that there different types of baldachins for children depending on the appearance, length and type of mounting. So, taking into account the type of mounting all baldachins for boys are divided into three groups.

The first group completely covers a sleeping berth thanks to a special holder, which is situated on one side of the sleeping berth. It considered to be the most reliable and safe type, that’s why it is mostly chosen for newborns.

The second group covers only some part of the sleeping berth. In this case the holder is situated in the headboard and will cover only the head of the baby.

And the third group covers the whole sleeping berth. In this case special supports are used. Such a canopy is mounted on the perimeter of the bed, so it is often called “royal.” This variant is suitable for older children and teenagers.

Boy Canopy Bed Ideas

To sew a baby boy bed canopy different materials are used. If the general style of the room is light, choose transparent and light fabric: chiffon, organza, tulle. If the style of the room is restrained, classic, choose satin, brocade, silk, tapestry etc. But it is recommended to avoid using synthetic fabric for nursery.

Child Bed Canopy Boy

Taking into account boy canopy bed ideas a special attention should be paid to the color of the baldachin. It should harmonize with the color of bed linen and the interior of the room in general. It is important to remember that falling asleep, your son should not see bright colors, which have a negative effect on the peaceful child’s sleep. Choose calm and warm colors. It is recommended to use blue colors for boys. Take care about your son’s sleep.



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